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Moon Knight Episode 6: Release Date | How Many Episodes It Have?

moon knight episode 6 release date

moon knight episode 6 release date

Moon Knight Episode 6 Release Date: In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there’s a brand-new superhero.

The fifth episode of the Disney Plus series Moon Knight, titled Asylum, premiered on Wednesday, April 27th, 2022.

This week, Oscar Isaac, the hero of the Star Wars trilogy, returns to head the Moon Knight cast as museum gift shop employee Steven Grant, who we now know has numerous identities residing in one body.

In Addition to Being the Mercenary Marc Spector

The character, in addition to being the mercenary Marc Spector, can also transform into the hero Moon Knight.

  • Marc/Steven finds numerous foes converging on them as they become a warrior and an avatar for the Egyptian deity known as Khonshu as he navigates his existence with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).
  • Now, with the new Disney Plus series in full swing, things are looking up.
  • Many people will be curious as to how many episodes of the series will be available.
  • Here’s everything you need to know about the number of episodes of Moon Knight and when they’ll be released.

Moon Knight Has How Many Episodes?

Moon Knight will be a six-episode Marvel Studios series.

moon knight episode 6 release date
moon knight episode 6 release date
  1. The episodes will be between 30 and 55 minutes long.
  2. Previous live-action Marvel Studios series on Disney Plus, such as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, and Hawkeye, have all lasted the same amount of time.

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WandaVision, the first Marvel series on Disney Plus, was instead a nine-episode series.

When Will the Sixth Episode of Moon Knight Be Released?

  • On Wednesday, May 4th, 2022, at 8 a.m. GMT, Moon Knight episode 6 will be released.
  • The duration of the episode is yet to be determined.
  • The episode will be the sixth of six in the series and the show’s final installment.

Release Dates for Moon Knight Episodes

Moon Knight will air new episodes on Disney Plus every Wednesday at 8 a.m. GMT.

moon knight episode 6 release date
moon knight episode 6 release date
  1. The release dates for each episode are listed below.
  2. Wednesday, March 30th, 2022 – The Goldfish Problem
  3. Wednesday, April 6th, 2022 – Summon the Suit
  4. Wednesday, April 13th, 2022 – The Friendly Type
  5. Wednesday, April 20th, 2022 – The Tomb
  6. Wednesday, April 27th, 2022 – Asylum
  7. TBD – Thursday, May 4th, 2022

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Ms. Marvel, an adolescent superheroine series set to premiere a month after Moon Knight on Disney Plus, is intended to follow the Marvel Cinematic Universe series.

The Goldfish Problem Is the First Episode of Moon Knight

Arthur Harrow begins the series by crushing glass with an anvil, then putting the pieces in his shoes and stepping on them.

moon knight episode 6 release date
moon knight episode 6 release date
  1. The first episode introduced us to Steven Grant, a British Museum gift shop employee who begins to have weird blackouts.
  2. He wakes up in the Austrian Alps one night after sleeping at home in London and witnessing Harrow offer instructions to his cult of followers.
  3. Steven is nearly killed in a spectacular vehicle chase in which he briefly blacks out and appears to deliver brutality to his pursuers, and Harrow demands a golden scarab from him.
  4. Grant wakes up at home, soon realizing that he has lost two days’ worth of time due to a bad date attempt, and is plagued by visions of a mysterious creature.
  5. He also discovers a cellphone with a string of missed calls from a woman named Layla, whom he addresses as Marc.
  6. The next day, Steven is faced by Harrow, who introduces himself as a servant of Ammit, an Egyptian god who tips the scales to determine if a person is fit to survive.
  7. Harrow later summons a jackal monster to attack Steven, who tries to flee before speaking with his Marc ego, who agrees to take over and combat the beast.

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Marc seizes control and changes into the masked and cape-wearing hero Moon Knight, who overcomes the beast.

The Friendly Type Is the Third Episode of Moon Knight

When Arthur Harrow and his followers arrive in the desert, they discover Ammit’s grave.

  1. Meanwhile, Marc Spector and Steven Grant are dealing with blackouts while on their way to find Harrow in Cairo, Egypt.
  2. As the search for Harrow remains unsuccessful, Khonshu travels to Giza’s Great Pyramid to convene a council of Egyptian gods and their avatars.
  3. Harrow, on the other hand, appears at the council and refutes Khonshu’s claims.
  4. Yatzil, the god Hathor’s avatar, instructs Marc Spector to locate a sarcophagus that will aid in the discovery of Ammit’s tomb.

Marc is soon reunited with his wife Layla, who assists him in locating the sarcophagus, which leads them to Anton Mogart, an old acquaintance of hers.

During the Visit; Harrow Appears and Destroys the Sarcophagus With His Strength

After that, Moon Knight and Layla are forced to fight Mogart’s troops before fleeing.

  • Grant then utilizes his knowledge to construct a star chart out of the sarcophagus’s shattered fragments, but the map is too old to be of any service to them.
  • Despite knowing that he will anger his other gods, Khonshu uses his power to return the night sky tonight, allowing them to utilize the map to locate Ammit’s tomb.

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While the gang is successful in discovering Ammit’s tomb, the gods imprison Khonshu, robbing Spector and Grant of their abilities.

The Tomb Is the Fourth Episode of Moon Knight

Marc/Steven and Layla continue their journey through the desert, where they are forced to flee Harrow’s thugs into the desert.

  1. Marc and Steven disagreed about their agreement that once Khonshu is gone, Marc will give up the corpse to Steven, which irritates Layla because Marc is her husband.
  2. The trio comes to Harrow’s camp in front of the tomb, where they witness brutal battles. The three descend into the tomb, and Steven becomes closer to Layla as he explains Marc’s actions
  3. The two come dangerously close to kissing. Layla describes her father’s search for the grave, for which he gave his life.

The tomb appears to be a maze in the shape of the Eye of Horus, with six points signifying the intellect and the six senses.

Steven Deciphers Hieroglyphics and Discovers That Ammit

  • Steven deciphers hieroglyphics and discovers that Ammit is imprisoned in a statue comparable to Khonshu.
  • However, the two are soon confronted with threats from Harrow’s henchmen and resurrected mummies. After battling several foes, Steven discovers Alexander the Great’s long-lost tomb.
  • Even though there is no statue of Ammit inside, Steven recognizes Alexander as Ammit’s voice and removes the statue from Alexander’s mummified throat.

Revealing That Marc Was One of the Mercenaries

Meanwhile, Harrow confronts Layla, revealing that Marc was one of the mercenaries who murdered her father, an archaeologist.

  • As they prepare to leave, Layla presses Marc for the truth, and as he takes over his body, he admits to seeing her father’s death by his mercenary partner. Marc claims he intended to die as well, but he didn’t.
  • Harrow and his minions enter Alexander’s tomb while Layla tries to find a way out. Harrow notices Khonshu is gone and confronts Marc/Steven, shooting them in the chest.

Marc/body Steven slips deeper into the ocean surrounding Alexander’s tomb before being engulfed in white light.

Where Marc Awakens and We See Numerous Characters?

The scene then shifts to a sanitorium, where Marc awakens and we see numerous characters from the series as sanitorium patients.

  1. In his introspection, Marc calls out for Steven but receives no response. Several clues and signals from prior episodes can be seen.
  2. Marc is taken to his psychiatrist, a well-dressed Harrow, who explains that Marc is having difficulty distinguishing between reality and the imagined. Marc observes that there are reminders of his previous life all around him.
  3. Marc tries to flee by running to a room that looks like Alexander’s tomb, where he discovers Steven is trapped inside the sarcophagus and attempts to release him.
  4. The two flee and are pursued by another sarcophagus that is swaying with the presence of someone inside.

Marc and Steven are met by the hippo-like Egyptian goddess Taweret, who greets them with an exuberant “Hi!” as they flee.

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