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Since mid-July, the official Twitter account has been for multimedia owners Mob Psycho100 The countdown to No. 100 began with daily image recordings. Today this account number has reached 99, so tomorrow the number will finally close and a new notification is generally expected for the owner.

Mob Psycho100

A fan of Twitter compiled all the releases made to date with the music theme of “99” MOB Choir, The opening theme of the first season of anime adaptation.

One Released the original manga through the magazine Ura Sunday From the publisher Shokakukon Between April 2012 and December 2017, the work was compiled in a total of sixteen volumes. Twelve episodes were produced by animation adaptation studios Bones, Under guidance Usuru Tachikawa And written scripts Hiroshi SekoReleased in July 2016. The second season of thirteen episodes covered the same production team and was released in January 2019.

Synopsis de Mop Psycho100

Shikio “Mob” Kakeyama, an eighth grader, tapped into the inner source of his mental strength at a young age. But it proves that power is quickly pulled when he realizes the potential danger to his abilities. Mob, who has chosen to suppress his power, is the only current application to his talent, only to impress his longtime beloved Subomi, who soon becomes bored with the same tricks.

To bring control over his abilities, Mob is included under the category of an artist who claims to be a psychiatrist, using the power of the Mob for pocket change. Now, casting out evil spirits has become a part of Mop’s boring daily life. However, the mental energy it exerts is only the tip of the iceberg; If his vast energy and uncontrollable emotions run wild, it will unleash a catastrophic event that makes him completely unrecognizable. The progress towards gang eruption is increasing and it is useless to try to prevent it.

Source: Official Twitter account

© One / Shogakugan / “Mob Psycho 100 II” Production Team

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