Miyazaki knows no mercy in the Elton Ring, but he knows the nerves after his games are released

However, the Japanese creator believes it is the best time to create his latest game.

Several days have passed since then Elton Ring Released, but adventure through the Midlands Still on everyone’s lips. After its first scene, it was able to switch Steam’s best-selling title For several days, he was also a registered site Historical number of players playing simultaneously. However, Miyazaki continues to experience unpleasant feelings: Post-release veins.

Of course I’m relaxed, but I’m very nervous about it. I’m not used to itMiyazakiHave you ever wondered about the pressure a Japanese creator has to feel? Since he triumphed with souls, the community has been waiting Great deeds Miyazaki and video games are asking to go down in history. This, surprisingly, affects him when releasing any of the game director’s works: “Not only this, it’s the same for all past titles. This is not a good time“, Explains in the March issue of Famitsu Magazine (translated) VGC) “I’m relieved, but I’m so nervous about it. I do not always practice. “

Elton Ring

Despite that, Miyazaki thinks he is Great moment Build a game on the Elton Ring level: “It was known from the beginning that this project would be the biggest of all.” But this work would not have been possible without the help of the other team SoftwareSo the creator takes advantage of the interview to compliment some of the co-workers he describes as “the best”.

Since there are already users we can say without any doubt that there is nothing to worry about Miyazaki Enjoy this challenge Completed the title in record time And up Playing with Ring Fit Adventure Hoop. At 3DJuegos we have already completed the adventure through the Mediterranean, with more than 100 hours on its map, we can confirm Elton loop analysis That Miyazaki has created Masterpiece creation.

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