Minecraft Nerf Gun Collaboration With Hasbro: Updates Two More Weapons

Minecraft Nerf Gun: In a new partnership, a range of Minecraft Nerf weapons brings the block-breaking pillager’s crossbow and the Minecraft Dungeons Stormlander to life.

Minecraft has remained a dominant force in the game industry and beyond. Since its inception in 2011, the franchise has grown to include spinoff products such as Minecraft Dungeons, as well as forays into new media such as Netflix with the series Minecraft: Story Mode. The hit franchise appears to be evolving once more.

Minecraft Will Have Its Own Nerf Guns Line. Hasbro has announced a collaboration between the Minecraft and NERF franchises, bringing two of Minecraft’s most well-known weaponry to life.

Minecraft Nerf Gun Crossbow and the Stormlander

Minecraft Nerf Gun

Hasbro, the firm behind many of the world’s most popular toys, has revealed that Minecraft will have its own line of Nerf guns, with the Pillager’s Crossbow and the Stormlander from Minecraft Dungeons being the first to be released. Those looking to rid their houses of bothersome creepers, spiders, and zombies may order the new Nerf armament from Walmart starting November 22.

The weapons themselves have the unique, blocky Minecraft style at the heart of their design. The Pillager’s Crossbow comes from the Pillager mob, introduced in Autumn of 2018, and is dropped as loot whenever the player defeats one of these villagers gone bad. The Stormlander from Minecraft Dungeons is a hammer seemingly modelled after the weapon of a certain Norse god of thunder. A rare drop in Minecraft’s dungeon-crawling spinoff, the Stormlander can blast foes with lightning, which Nerf has made the hammer itself a blaster which shoots blue darts.

Nerf’s Fortnite Blasters

Minecraft Nerf Gun

Nerf’s relationship with Minecraft isn’t the toy company’s first with a popular video game. Nerf released the AR-L blaster in 2019, which was inspired by Fortnite and was used to promote it. Nerf has since released a variety of Fortnite blasters, ranging from pistols to rocket launchers. Nerf has announced a collaboration with the Halo franchise, making a replica of the Needler rifle wielded by the Covenant’s Grunts and Jackals. It’s safe to assume that Hasbro and Nerf have been collaborating with popular video game IPs for some time, and the Minecraft blasters will be the latest in a long series of videogame blasters.

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Minecraft is a game that has definitely endured the test of time, despite the fact that it is now over a decade old. The game is still receiving major upgrades, such as the Caves & Cliffs Part 2 Update, which will be released soon. The fact that a continuously large number of individuals have logged onto the ultimate mining and crafting experience is more essential than the game being updated. Minecraft aficionados are a hugely diverse population, with players of different ages and backgrounds, as the game continues to attract new players while also retaining old ones.

Minecraft Nerf Gun From Hasbro

Minecraft Nerf Gun

The pillager’s crossbow and the Stormlander weapon from Minecraft Dungeons are now available as NERF guns from Hasbro. Minecraft is still extremely popular despite its ten-decade existence. New, intriguing builds appear all the time as Minecraft players continue to populate the planet and let their imaginations run wild. With the highly anticipated Caves & Cliffs Part 2 Update set to release soon, Mojang’s sandbox is sure to attract a larger audience as the holidays approach. However, the IP’s plans do not stop in the virtual realm, as fresh alliances bring it to reality.

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The NERF brand is no stranger to video game collaborations, having worked with a variety of IPs to bring virtual weaponry to life. The Heavy Sniper Rifle, the B-AR, and the Pump Shotgun are among the Fortnite nerf guns manufactured by NERF. For fans of Blizzard’s competitive FPS, the NERF Overwatch Reaper blaster and Overwatch Soldier: 76 Nerf Rival Blaster were also released. Hasbro and Halo have recently partnered to market the renowned Halo Needler as a NERF weapon, which will be available in the United States next year. Last year, Hasbro launched a Halo Infinite NERF assault rifle that contained a DLC code for the game. Hasbro is teaming up with another well-known video game franchise to bring the 2D virtual sandbox to life.

Collaboration Between Hasbro and Minecraft Nerf Gun

The blockbuster Pillager’s Crossbow and Minecraft Dungeons Stormlander weapon come to life thanks to a collaboration between Hasbro and Minecraft. Starting today, November 22, the all-new line of Minecraft nerf guns is available for purchase on the Walmart website. Nerf MicroShots with the Minecraft Ender Dragon, Minecraft Ghast, and Minecraft Guardian creatures were also unveiled by Hasbro.

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MicroShots, like the other Minecraft Nerf guns, are available for pre-order on the Walmart website. “Minecraft stimulates and celebrates creative and imaginative play, much like the NERF brand, and we can’t wait for fans worldwide to get their hands on this exciting partnership,” Adam Kleinman, the General Manager of NERF, said in a statement on Hasbro’s Minecraft collaboration.

Hasbro’s Range of Minecraft NERF Guns

Hasbro’s range of Minecraft NERF guns, like its Fortnite NERF guns, is certainly intriguing. The Pillager’s Crossbow is a common ranged weapon used by the hazardous Pillager monsters in Minecraft. Pillagers can be defeated to earn the crossbow, although they do represent a distinct difficulty. The Stormlander weapon in Minecraft Dungeons is a one-of-a-kind equipment in the top-down dungeon crawler that allows the wielder to hurl lightning bolts at opponents. The Stormlander is modelled after the powerful Thor and provides a significant edge over annoying mobs. Both weapons, as well as the new range of NERF MicroShots featuring some of Minecraft’s most formidable mobs, work well as NERF blasters.


With the aforementioned Caves & Cliffs Part 2 Update and the run-up to Christmas right around the corner, the collaboration between Nerf and Minecraft seems like the perfect moment to be dropping some extra gifts for Minecraft enthusiasts.

The collaboration between Hasbro and Minecraft is especially timely, given the upcoming Caves & Cliffs Part 2 Update. The Christmas season is rapidly approaching, and NERF is providing another gift suggestion for Minecraft lovers’ friends.

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