July 3, 2022

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Microsoft is struggling to meet the demand

Despite the console shortage, Microsoft continues to record strong sales on both platforms.

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Xbox Series X.

That’s what Bill Spencer thinks The console shortage will last until 2022, It does not stop Speed Sales of the Xbox Series X and S platforms are selling faster than other generations of the Xbox. This It has already been known since July 2021, But Spencer reiterated this Recent interview.

Our networks are full as people keep comingBill SpencerAccording to Spencer, the lack of Xbox consoles on the market is not only due to a production problem, but also an increase. Request, Which, according to him, rose after the onset of the epidemic. “What would March and April 2020 have been like? They were sold out Consoles, it never happens, “said the Xbox boss.

“Our networks were filled as people kept coming in,” Spencer continued. “The team worked very hard to meet the need.” According to Spencer, the company Keep fighting Against the high demand for new consoles.

Xbox Series X Movie

The head of Xbox revealed, this is the job of the company To achieve With all the Xbox Series X and S units needed in the market. “Now when you think about getting a new Xbox or PlayStation, it’s very hard to get them,” he added.

Despite the lack of consoles, the PS5 did not perform badly. Sony console Distributed exceeded 13.4 million units Last October, and like Microsoft The company is focusing on shipping more PS5s to stores, Thanks Patience Of fans.

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