May 29, 2022

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Meta Watch’s first film, Meta’s Smart Watch (Facebook)

After confirmation name change From Facebook, The next step Mark Zuckerberg This will strengthen the company’s position in the field of wearable goods. A few hours after Meta’s “birth”, The The first image of a meta watch, A smartwatch aimed at hiding the Apple Watch. However, this goal is not easy because the Apple device has dominated the market for many years.

Meta Watch Image Discovered by Steve Moser (Via Bloomberg) In the Facebook app for iOS, it shows a watch inspired by the Apple Watch. We refer to yours with the above Square view with rounded corners And “thin” frames. Other manufacturers, including Hawaii and Samsung, a Look Very traditional (circular screen).

However, the Meta Watch stands out from its competitors by incorporating a smaller camera. Is it at the bottom of the screen – or at the top? – Precisely located at a ‘Notch’ Just like we have on some more smartphones. Undoubtedly, this detail will give a lot to talk about. Of course, let’s assume we’re actually looking at the final design Wearable.

This is not the first time we have heard of a Facebook watch now called Meta Platforms Inc. In the middle of this year, On the edge It was revealed That company works with the smartwatch Two cameras, One of them to make video calls. Other Can be separated Take photos and share through apps. The filtered image at this time did not allow the second sensor to be appreciated.

Beyond its cameras, the aforementioned media expected the meta watch to have a frame built of stainless steel and support for LTE networks. In terms of software, it is a Modified version of Android Can integrate with your virtual reality glasses. Yesterday, Facebook said it was growing Project Cambria, Is designed to take advantage of a new virtual reality viewer MetaVerso. Can it be connected to a meta watch? We will know in the future.