May 14, 2022

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Mercedes-Amg: Review | On a Mercedes; What Does Amg Stand For?



Mercedes-AMG:  Against some stiff premium sports car competition, the 2021 Mercedes-AMG GT comes in third place.

While it offers excellent acceleration and handling, as well as a luxurious interior, some of the infotainment systems are confusing, and class rivals provide even greater world-class performance.

Research & Rankings

The #8 rating for the Mercedes-Benz GT in 2021 is based on its performance in the Luxury Sports Cars category.

The Mercedes-Benz GT currently has an 8.5 out of 10 scores, which is based on our analysis of 22 pieces of research and data items gathered from multiple sources.

Is the Mercedes-Amg Gt an Excellent Automobile?

Almost every luxury sports car is good – or outstanding – and the Mercedes-AMG GT is no exception.

  • Its seven engine options include everything from efficient turbocharged six-cylinders to powerful twin-turbo V8s.
  • The GT handles with fierce agility while simultaneously functioning as a polished grand tourer, and what’s behind the hood perfectly complements how the wheels hit the road.
  • A track-ready 720-horsepower variant is new for this model year.
  • Mercedes’ halo sports vehicle is available in sedan, coupe, and convertible body styles.
  • The sedan has enough interior space, but the two-door models are a little tighter.
  • For their configurations, all body designs have enough cargo room, and they all deliver luxury cabin quality.
  • The GT’s major flaw is a clumsy touchpad controller for the infotainment system.
  • Why You Should Have Faith in Us: A total of 22 reviews have been analyzed.
  • To help you determine if the 2021 Mercedes-AMG GT is the appropriate new car for you, we looked at 22 Mercedes-AMG GT reviews, as well as dependability scores, fuel economy estimates, and more.
  • This review of the 2021 GT incorporates relevant studies for the model years 2018 through 2021.
  • Since 2007, U.S. News Best Cars has been evaluating and assessing vehicles, and our crew has over 75 years of total automotive experience.

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Should I Purchase a Mercedes-Benz Amg GT?

There’s no reason not to acquire the AMG GT if you enjoy what it has to offer. Its sheer amount of permutations — three body designs and seven engine options – is staggering.

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It’s simple to locate the best model for you within your budget. However, with a starting price of around $90,000, you might decide that your money would be better spent elsewhere.

What’s the Difference Between the Mercedes-Amg Gts of 2020 and 2021?

Several adjustments have been made to the Mercedes-AMG GT for the 2021 model year compared to the previous model year.


The release of a new GT 43 sedan base model is one of them. It has a 362-horsepower engine and an MSRP that is roughly $10,000 less than the previous standard GT 53.

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The MBUX touch-screen infotainment system is standard on all GT sedan versions.

Mercedes unveils the coupe-only AMG GT Black Series for the 2017 model year, which has 720 horsepower and is one of the brand’s most powerful production cars ever.

The GT R and GT R Pro have been replaced at the top of the car’s trim level by the Black Series. Finally, the horsepower of the AMG GT coupe and roadster has increased from 469 to 523.

The Following Are the Most Significant Changes to the Mercedes-Amg Gt During the Last Few Years:

  • 2017: the GT coupe receives a new base model.
  • 2018: GT C and GT R versions are launched, as well as a convertible body type.’
  • The four-door AMG GT sedan made its debut in 2019.
  • 2020: coupe and roadster models are redesigned, and Apple CarPlay is now standard; the GT R Pro trim is launched, while the GT S is withdrawn.
  • AMG GT 43 and GT Black Series models are introduced in 2021, while the GT coupe and roadster acquire more horsepower.
  • If you’re thinking about buying an older model, check out our reviews for the 2018 GT, 2019 GT, and 2020 GT.

Also, see our Best New Car Deals and Best New Car Lease Deals pages for information on new vehicle savings and discounts.

What Is the Price of a Mercedes-Amg Gt?

  • The entry-level Mercedes-AMG GT 43 sedan for 2021 starts at $89,900. The starting MSRPs of several other luxury sports cars are in the high $80,000s or about $90,000.
  • The complete range of base pricing in this class, however, is approximately $43,000 to $150,000.
  • The AMG GT four-other door’s trim levels, each with a more powerful engine, start at $99,950, $140,600, and $161,900. As of right now,
  • Except for the new GT Black Series, which starts at $325,000, Mercedes has not released prices for most of the coupe and roadster variations.
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For amazing savings at your local Mercedes-Benz dealer, check out our U.S. News Best Price Program. On the Mercedes-Benz offers page, you may also find great manufacturer incentives.

How Much Does a Mercedes-Benz GT Cost to Insure?

The cost of Mercedes-Benz GT insurance is determined by several factors, including your deductible, the level of coverage you desire, and the type of insurance you select.

Your insurance premiums are affected by your age, gender, region, credit score, and driving record. To get the best policy for you, look over our auto insurance guide.

The Competition Against Mercedes-Amg Gt

Porsche 911 Vs. Mercedes-Amg Gt

The Porsche 911 has a reputation for having some of the best handlings in the performance-oriented premium sports car segment.

  • It backs it up with a plethora of thrilling engine options, two of which can accelerate the car from zero to 60 mph in under three seconds.
  • The interiors of both the 911 and the AMG GT are of outstanding quality, albeit Mercedes has a bit more infotainment and modern safety technology.
  • While the 911 has four seats, the back row is little more than an afterthought, and the second row in the GT sedan is far more accommodating.

Check out the Panamera if you’re looking for a spacious four- or five-seat Porsche. There isn’t much of a difference between the 911 and the AMG GT.

Audi R8 Vs. Mercedes-amg Gt

One major aspect will almost certainly affect your decision between the AMG GT and the Audi R8: pricing. The R8 begins at around $143,000, but there is a slew of GT choices for tens of thousands less.

  • The R8 comes standard with a 532-horsepower V10 engine for your money.
  • In terms of power output and pricing, that setup is comparable to the AMG GT 63. The R8 and GT are nearly identical in terms of performance, with each offering blistering acceleration and corner-carving prowess.
  • Because of its sleek interior and user-friendly – though simple – cabin technology, the two-seat R8 rates towards the top of the class overall.

The R8 is a terrific choice if you’re willing to spend roughly $150,000 on a pure sports vehicle.

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