Mayfair Witches Season 1: Ratings, Reviews!


The television series Mayfair Witches is based on Anne Rice’s best-selling novel series of the same name. The plot follows the Mayfair family, a powerful line of witches in New Orleans plagued by a dark and enigmatic past. In 2022, the first season of the series debuted on the streaming site Hulu.

The series is an excellent blend of horror, drama, and mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It has a remarkable ensemble cast, including Emily Hampshire as Rowan Mayfair, a powerful witch troubled by her family’s dark past, and Daniel Sharman as Julien Mayfair, the Mayfair family’s enigmatic father.

As the Mayfairs try to uncover their ancestors’ secrets, they are lured into a web of intrigue and peril that threatens to destroy them. The show transports viewers through the murky streets of New Orleans and into the mystical world of witches and ghosts.

Mayfair Witches Season 1

Mayfair Witches already has a devoted following, and its first season won critical acclaim for its fascinating storyline, breathtaking cinematography, and outstanding acting.

By the end of Mayfair Witch Season 1, we will look at the strengths and weaknesses of the first season of Mayfair Witch to see if it lived up to the expectations.

Mayfair Witches Season 1 Ratings!

“Although Mayfair Witches Season 1 received mixed reviews from critics and public, the show still managed to attract viewers with its unsettling premise and great acting, scoring a solid 6.3 out of 10 on IMDb and a 46% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Mayfair Witches Season 1

Mayfair Witches Season 1 Reviews

1. “So many bad reviews from those who read the book, I guess Im happy I didn’t because I am really captured by the story! I don’t watch much these days as nothing really peaks my interest but I am very invested in this story! Im so glad there will be a season 2! Great detail into the characters and their history with so many layers to the story as the season progresses! I find most fantasy like shows to be pretty violent and disgusting and so far this has only one very short scene I found a little icky. I highly recommend!

2.Wow glad I found reading boring after college lol. The reviews of the people whom read the book hate the show but I LOVE IT!! Oops, I did read J.K Rowling’s books because I loved the movies so I then read the books. Stopped purchasing her books after i found out she was a racist and that hurt to my core a brilliant woman yet dumb and narrow minded. First off the lead is one of the newest actresses of out times. Not only beautiful but really acts exceptional in every roll. Second since I’ve never read the book this is totally new and exciting to me. Third I’m a huge fan of 🧙‍♀️ and supernatural entertainment and this show delivers. It’s not super power using scenes but the writing is enigmatic. The diversity of characters which is long overdue only makes me like it more. This show is a BEASSTTT!

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