Mankind bets on science fiction with the new official mode that you can now download for free

Range takes its successful 4X strategy game to the crossover with the popular Endless series.

Mankind Came into the system last August with a solid plan Based on the well known 4X strategy Very characteristic Saga Civilization. Creators Endless space Contributed New ideas for the formulaWithout changing the essence of the genre, maintains itself Sid Mayor is a worthy contender for the title.

In this case, Range In collaboration with the Humankind and Endless series, it seeks to add interesting content in terms of its iconic proprietorship. They have done it Official and free mode It brings a whole new perspective to the game. The mod is with New map set in Endless Developed by the sports team in collaboration with Piotrk “Bangolin Advisor” Fikarsky and based on the world Aurica.

Download the official Auriga map for free


Download the official Infinite Mod for free

We can if we activate the mod and finish the game Open the incarnation of Horatio For mankind. This is the content we see in Infinite Mode:

  • 32 story events set in an endless universe
  • 30 new charts
  • 2 civic
  • 2 Technologies
  • 4 Infrastructure
  • 1 Interest
  • 1 District
  • 2 National Programs
  • 1 Artificial miracle

“In the infinite universe, Aurica is going extinct A cold death, With different factions fighting for survival and domination on its surface. But and If humanity had grown up in Aurica? In your geography, how does the story unfold in a less exciting version?

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