August 4, 2022

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Madam Secretary Season 7 Cast and Crew: What was Their Role?

madam secretary season 7

Will Madam Secretary have a seventh season? No. After the sixth season, CBS stopped making it. The reason for this was that the show had changed since McCord became president and quit her job as Secretary of State.

Cast and crew of Madam Secretary Since the show began, a lot of the same actors and crew members have been on it. Some are main characters who show up in almost every episode, while others are guest stars or minor characters who only show up a few times.

Tea Leoni

Tea Leoni is an American actress. Her full name is Elizabeth Tea Pantaleoni. She was born on February 25, 1966. (currently 55 years old). She plays Elizabeth Adams McCord, the U.S. Secretary of State, which is why the show is called “Madam Secretary.”

McCord used to be an analyst at the CIA. When the previous Secretary of State died, President Conrad Dalton, who used to be her boss at the CIA, asked McCord to be the new Secretary of State.

In season 5, she runs for president and wins, making her the first woman to lead the U.S.

Tea Leoni is best known for her role as Madam Secretary, but she has played other roles before. The most popular are Flying Blind, in which she plays Alicia, and The Naked Truth, a comedy (where she portrays Nora Wilde).

Erich Bergen

Erich Bergen is a singer, actor, and host from the United States. He was born on December 31, 1985, which makes him 35 years old now.

madam secretary season 7

He is an inspiring person because he fought cancer and beat it before going back to acting. On the show Madam Secretary, Bergen plays the part of Blake Moran.

Blake Moran is Elizabeth McCord’s assistant, and he will keep that job until season five of the show. McCord then fires him to move up in her career, but she hires him back as her secretary in season six, when she becomes president.

Tim Daly

Tim Daly is one of the main characters in the show Madam Secretary. He was born on March 1, 1956, in the United States (the current age of 65 years).

He’s married to Amy Van Nostrand, and they have two kids together. He plays Henry McCord, the husband of Elizabeth McCord and the First Gentleman of the United States later on.

Is Henry being unfaithful to Madam Secretary? In the early seasons of the show, Henry’s daughter sees him meeting with a woman behind his wife’s back, which makes it seem like he might be cheating on her.

But it turns out that she is his handler and that the National Security Agency hired him as a spy because of his skills. Tim Daly has played many different roles in the past, besides Madam Secretary.

But he is best known for playing Dr. Peter Wilder in the medical TV shows Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.

Wallis Currie-Wood

Wallis Currie-Wood, who is only 29 years old, is one of the youngest people in the cast of Madam Secretary. She was born on December 12, 1991, in Austin, Texas, where she grew up.

The actress went to Julliard School, a private school for performing arts. She plays Stevie McCord in the TV show Madam Secretary. This is her first major role on TV.

Stevie McCord is the first child of Elizabeth and Henry. She is shown going through things that young people often do, like dropping out of school, drinking late at night, and breaking up with people. But she soon gets her life back on track.

She goes back to school and gets a job. In the sixth season, Stevie gets married to her fiancé, Dimitri Petrov. This makes her love life more stable.

Currie-Wood hasn’t done much acting outside of Madam Secretary. She was cast in the show right after she graduated from high school. But in 2015, she played her first big-screen role in the movie The Intern.

Zeljko Ivanek

In season 6 of Madam Secretary, Zeljko Ivanek is another main character who has been with the show since the beginning.

He plays Russel Jackson on the show. He is an accomplished American-Slovenian actor who is 63 years old. In the first season, Russel is introduced as the White House Chief of Staff. He is often the president’s right-hand man.

madam secretary season 7

Because Secretary McCord unusually does things, he often gets into fights with her. But they learn to work together and become friends in the end.

In season six, after Elizabeth becomes president, she hires him to be her new Chief of Staff.

Ivanek has worked as an actor for many years and has a long list of roles to his name. Some of his best-known roles are Ray Fiske in Damages, The Hunter in Heroes, and Banshee (FBI Agent Jim Racine).

Bebe Neuwirth

Bebe Neuwirth, whose real name is Beatrice Neuwirth, is a 62-year-old American singer, dancer, and actress (born December 31, 1958).

On the show Madam Secretary, she plays the part of Nadine Tolliver. Nadine is the Secretary of State’s Chief of Staff. Before Vincent Marsh died, she worked for him until he passed away. Marsh’s death shows that she was having an affair with him for a long time.

Because she cheated on her husband, she and Secretary McCord don’t get along when she starts her term. But they end up getting along and becoming friends.

Bebe Neuwirth is a talented actress who has played several roles throughout her career. She is known for playing Dr.

Lilith Sternin in the TV shows Cheers and Frasier. She also played ADA Tracey Kibre in the Law & Order series, and she was a cat in the Jumani movies from 1995 and 2019.

Hilary Clinton

Hilary Clinton is a well-known name in politics all over the world. Did you know, though, that she was in Madam Secretary?

The former presidential candidate was one of several cast members who appeared as guest characters on the first episode of season 5 of Madam Secretary.

Clinton played herself in a cameo as the former US Secretary of State. She was in a TV show with Madeline Albright and Collin Powell, who were both former and real Secretaries of State.

This is thought to be one of the most famous cameos in TV history.

This is the cast of Madam Secretary, who all worked together to make the show come to life. If you are interested in politics, this show does a great job of showing how things work in the capital of the United States. It is also a lot of fun to watch. Several streaming services let you catch up on the TV show. posted an interesting article about the cast of Best Friends in the World. It gave their full names and pictures.

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People always love simple stories, have hearts, and show life as it is right now. And that’s what the web series Best Friends in the World has been able to do.

The show has a huge number of viewers, and every day that number grows.

Patina Miller

Patina Miller is a 36-year-old African American actress and singer. She was born on November 6, 1984. She used to be a big name on Broadway.

She is best known for playing Deloris Van Cartier in Sister Act in 2011. In 2014, she was cast as Daisy Grant on the TV show Madam Secretary.

Daisy Grant is in charge of the press for Secretary McCord, and she is very good at what she does. She worked for the last Secretary of State, and Elizabeth has taken her on as one of her staff members.

She was with a coworker before she started dating Winthrop Barrington, a CIA spy who was looking into the State Department.

In season four, Patina Miller’s character is written out of the show for a short time because she is pregnant. But she comes back in season six when Grant becomes the press coordinator for Elizabeth McCord, who has just been elected.