Love is Blind Season 2 Episode 10: Who are the Lacheys in This Episode?

Love Is Blind season 2 finale is finally here, after a month of ups and downs. Danielle and Nick, whose relationship has been pretty rough, are the first to get married.

But Danielle has said “I do” after a lot of thought and a lot of love and devotion. Now, Nick has to decide if they will stay together or not. Since they were the first couple to get engaged in the pods, will they also be the first to get married and show that love is blind?

The Wedding of Deepti and Shake

After a break that everyone was looking forward to, it’s time for Nick to say whether or not he’s going to marry Danielle. Nick takes Danielle’s hand, looks her in the eyes, and says, “I do.”

They walk down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Thompson and share their first kiss as husband and wife.

The time has come for Shake and Deepti to get married, and they seem to be sure of the emotional bond they’ve built. Shake has said many times that there isn’t quite a physical connection with Deepti.

Shake and Deepti go to the altar. They are both dressed in traditional Indian clothes. First, the officiant points to Deepti and asks her if she will marry Shake.

She says, “I deserve someone who knows for sure, so I’m going to choose myself and say no.” Deepti is a queen of love, vulnerability, and self-worth. She shows fans all over the world that for a relationship to work, your partner needs to love all of you.

Shake reacts to the news much better than anyone thought he would. He says that he and Deepti will always be good friends and that he’s glad he didn’t have to make the choice. Be careful, Shake, because the person you were before you became a Deepti is coming out again.

The Wedding of Sal and Mallory

Mallory sister Tiffany comes to her wedding, which is a big surprise to her. Mallory tells her family and friends that she is certain about her relationship with Sal and hopes that the day will go well.

Sal says that he isn’t sure yet, but that he’ll know when he sees Mallory walking down the aisle.

love is blind season 2 episode 10

He has tears in his eyes as he stands at the altar and looks at Mallory. When the officiant asks him if he’ll take Mallory as his wife, Sal says he needs more time and doesn’t want to say yes.

Sal talks to Mallory’s family and friends respectfully, telling them that he could only give Mallory his most honest self and thanking them for being there for him.

Mallory tells Sal that she wasn’t sure what she would say if she were the one who asked her first. She then asks him if he’d like to keep pursuing a relationship with her.

He says he needs time, but he’d like to take her out on a date to start building trust and communication.

Iyanna And Jarrette Wedding

Iyanna is sure of her answer as she walks down the aisle on her wedding day. She tells everyone how much she loves Jarrette. In return, Jarrette says he’s never been so sure about a choice in his life.

Even though Iyanna’s parents are still a little unsure, Jarrette’s father is ready to marry his son and his future daughter-in-law at the end of the aisle.

Jarrette can’t say a word as Iyanna walks down the aisle because she is so beautiful. After they say their vows, Jarrette’s father asks Jarrette if he has decided to spend the rest of his life with Iyanna.

“I do, I do, I do,” Jarrette laughs. Iyanna says the same thing with her smile, and the two of them hold hands as Mr. and Mrs. Jarrette Jones.

As the second season of Love Is Blind comes to an end, many couples feel happy, sad, and relieved at the same time. Still, because they stayed true to themselves, not one of the contestants feels like their wedding day was a mistake.

love is blind season 2 episode 10

Even though Sal and Mallory did not end up getting married, it is clear that the experiment was a success. Sal asks, “Is love blind?”


You can watch both seasons of Love is Blind on Netflix right now.

The Wedding of Natalie and Shayne

When Natalie gets to the place of her wedding, she tells everyone that she and Shayne had their worst fight yet the night before.

She said he had been drinking too much, and he told her hurtful things that have left her confused and unsure. Shayne says he said things he shouldn’t have, and he says it’s because he feels like he has to prove himself all the time. He still loves Natalie, though, and wants to marry her.

Shayne tells Natalie that he loves her a lot at the altar, and she says “I do.” When it’s Natalie’s turn to talk to her future husband, Shayne, she tells him with regret that she can’t marry him because they still have problems to work out.

Shayne leaves feeling angry and hurt, but Natalie says she feels better knowing she made the right choice.

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