Lord of the dead for a limited time

The CD Project platform allows us to explore the most vicious side of this magic of bloody rudeness.

What does winter carry for you? Movie afternoons and blankets? Convenient video games? However, GOG There is a slightly different opinion because it invites us to overcome a cold Free games Bloody and brutal. Iradus: Lord of the Dead Now it can Digital store request CD program Without costing a euro, Which will give us the opportunity to enjoy An unstoppable rudeness.

If you wish Dark dungeon, Iradus: Lord of the Dead is your best game. Here, we play an evil traitor seeking revenge through systemic warfare that uses (and sacrifices) our hand-crafted creatures. So, we have the opportunity Build an army Thanks to fallen enemies of zombies, vampires, skeletons, mummies, bunnies and many more creatures, from which we can extract organic members Expand the number of allies.

Iradus: Lord of the Dead

But the game is beyond vulgar, it will make us too Analyze each war Per millimeter. To win the fight, we need to know the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy, which will force us to follow the tactics at all times and we will lose some of our creations forever. When all the capabilities are taken into account, an idea can be further expanded 19 types of creatures That the army could be consolidated.

Please note, if you are drawn into this world of vulgarity and bloodshed, you can approach Eratos: Lord of the Dead to this day Jan. 5 at 3:00 p.m.. On the other hand, digital stores want to welcome 2022 in style, which is why Epic Games Store Has been giving Cemetery Rider trilogy Until January 6th. So, whether it is Machiavellian projects or epic adventures, there are two reasons for this Enjoy video games In winter.

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