May 11, 2022

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Lisa’s song ‘Homura’ has crossed 300 million views – Kudasai

Tracking portal Oregon Single song “Homura (炎)” Lisa 2,201,752 weekly breeds were recorded and ranked “thirty-ninth”Ranked Semental de Streaming de OregonAnnounced on October 20th. As a result, the overall number of views reached 300,139,425, the first time in the history of Oregon recordings that a single female artist has surpassed 300 million views in her publications.


Lisa is delighted with the album: “I’m glad that the song ‘Homura’ left its name in the wonderful story. The format of a song. The best you can do “”I wrote an excerpt from the press release.

The song, which was also the main theme of the film Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugan resa-chicken, “Introduced in First Place”Ranked Semental de Streaming de OregonOn October 26, 2020, he was in this position for seven consecutive weeks. The song, which was a hit even before it came out, continues to be in the top 100 in the charts for fifty-three consecutive weeks to date.

New single from Lisa, “Yuk” topped the chart with 17,963 downloads in its first week.Oregon Weekly Digital Singles RankingsFor the first time in the first three days, which took place on October 15th. This song is the main theme song for the upcoming movie adaptation Sword Art Online: Progressive.

Source: Oregon News

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