Liaison Episode 1 Ending: Explained!


‘Liaison,’ an Apple TV+ political thriller, begins with a cyber attack on London. The first episode of the show establishes the tension that defines the story’s stakes while also giving light on the intricate nature of the relationship between the characters tasked with saving the day.

The international dimension of the threat is revealed as events unfold, and it becomes evident that there are more powerful forces at work than appears at first look. We look at everything that happened in this episode and what it means for the rest of the season.

Liaison Episode 1 Ending

Liaison Episode 1 Ending: What is the Connection Between Alison and Gabriel?

Richard struggles to regain control after two cyberattacks, and Samir and Walid are revealed. The hackers’ rapid arrival from Syria coincides with the cyber attacks, raising suspicions.

That someone else wants them interests them. CCTV captures the pursuing man. Alison is surprised to see him, even though no one else does.

Gabriel arrived in London to bring Samir and Walid to France, where they were supposed to be. He must also retrieve a flash disc, their sole leverage.

If a terrorist group or enemy nation gets the flash drive, it will be disastrous. Gabriel sees Walid, who runs away thinking he and his brother were set up again. Gabriel gets the hard drive but knocks Walid out.

The British government notices this savage attack, and Richard becomes inquisitive about Samir and Walid and this mystery name, which turns out to be Jean Petit, a French EU mission member with diplomatic immunity.

Richard finds Jean, removes his diplomatic immunity, and arrests him to learn about the hackers and cyber attacks. Richard enlists Alison’s husband, Albert, a human rights lawyer, but she doesn’t want him involved.

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Alison doesn’t simply want her husband to keep away from Jean Petit’s case because she thinks Richard is using him as a front to get things done.

Alison doesn’t want Albert to meet Jean Petit if he takes this case. Her reaction at seeing Jean, who is Gabriel, shows that she knows him and that their relationship is more intimate.

Alison and Gabriel were intimately involved, but it was so long ago that she is shocked to see him on the television. That look goes beyond the shock of seeing an old flame.

Alison looked worried about meeting Gabriel again. This implies a betrayal caused Alison and Gabriel to split up so long ago. The hints suggest Gabriel and Alison trusted one another totally. Alison undoubtedly betrayed Gabriel.

She probably chose her nation over him. Alison could have left Gabriel in a scenario that would kill him. Alison had to leave him, and she thought he had perished. She may be surprised to see him. She thought he was dead.

Gabriel appears at Alison’s window at the episode’s finale. Gabriel knows the police are after him after putting Walid in a coma. He asked Alison for help. Their greetings suggest they still love each other and regret not choosing each other before.

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