LG Ultra PC 14 Review: What Are Its Case And Specifications?

“Heavyweight” that is portable. We can vouch for the Ultra PC 16’s excellent portability and endurance. Even more of that is provided by its smaller 14-inch sibling, which has a single charge and lasts five hours longer than the LG Gram 14.

We’ll go through how the Ultra PC 14 does this in this review and why its performance is comparable to a 35-watt Intel 12th-generation CPU.

We have examined the 16-inch Ultra PC and are now examining its minor inconvenience. Is the 14-inch gadget an excellent gram alternative that doesn’t attempt to be as light as possible but has a long battery life? The answer is currently yes, as we can already tell you.

The Ultra PC 14 outlasts the gram 14 by a wide margin in terms of endurance, lasting almost 17 hours when Wi-Fi is activated.

LG Ultra PC 14

That concludes our discussion of the product, correct? Definitely not. A more expensive variant with an AMD Ryzen 7 5825U (25 watts) and 16 GB of RAM is what we are testing, after all.

The laptop not only performs better than its Intel counterpart, but it also matches the performance of recent models of devices with 45-watt processors, which are nominally more powerful.

The Ultra PC ranges in price from €800 to €1,350 (US$870 to US$1,470), depending on the specifications. There is a tonne of thin, compact laptops in this price range that use AMD or Intel processors.

The Lenovo IdeaPad 5 Pro 14ITL6 is a high-end alternative with a high-res display that you ought to look at. Acer Swift 3 SF314 and HP Pavilion Plus 14 are two 14-inch laptops that use 45-watt processors with better performance (single-core).

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Case & Specifications

According to notebookcheck.net Is there a distinction between the gramme and Ultra PC series? Yes. They differ in terms of weight (980 g versus 1.29 kg, or 2.16 lb versus 2.84 lb) and hinge design, for example (the Ultra PC uses a metal hinge, whilst the one on the gramme is hidden).

The Ultra PC is composed of plastic rather than magnesium and has a stiffer chassis due to internal vertical and horizontal bracing. Aside from the material, the Ultra PC features a 72Wh battery, which is heavier than the LG gram’s super lightweight batteries.

The base section and display flex moderately. As with the 16-inch Ultra PC, lightly rotating the display causes noticeable discoloration on the TFT panel – this time across the upper half of the screen rather than the lower border. This behavior can also be seen when the display is moved.

However, it has no detrimental impact on usage and is not evident when the gadget is on the lap or disturbed.

When it comes to ports, what we wrote about the Ultra PC 16 applies here as well: you can power the device with a USB-C charger rather than the 65-watt converter with a barrel plug (we tested 45- and 65-watt chargers).

LG Ultra PC 14

The Ultra PC 14 comes with an Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 card (with Bluetooth 5.1). In both transmit and receive rates, the module did not perform as well as the one in the Ultra PC 16. The card readers on both Ultra PC models performed at the same rate.

The 14-inch laptop has the identical interior layout as its 16-inch sibling. The only difference is that the components are closer together. The two laptops appear to share the same motherboard; the speakers, battery, and I/O board all appear to be identical.

Although there is a second SSD slot for storage expansion, the RAM is soldered and cannot be updated. All you need is a little Phillips-head screwdriver to open the gadget. The bottom panel will nearly lift on its own after the screws are removed.

LG offers a two-year guarantee for the LG Ultra PC 14 in Germany, with the option to extend it to three years for €50 (US$54). The terms and conditions of the warranty may differ depending on the country. In the United States, for example, the normal warranty period is only one year.

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