July 19, 2022

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Leonardo Del Vecchio: What is The Cause of His Death?

leonardo del vecchio

Leonardo del Vecchio died on June 27, 2022, which was a sad event. He will be remembered as one of the most successful businesspeople in history. This is about his life (written at the end of 2021, when he was still alive).

Leonardo del Vecchio is the founder, executive chairman, and former CEO of Luxottica, which makes and sells more glasses, sunglasses, and other eyewear than any other company in the world.

His huge fortune of $33 billion makes him the second richest person in Italy right now.

He was born into a poor family and started working when he was 14. He started Luxottica when he was 25 years old, 11 years after he started working. Since then, it has grown into a huge company.

Here is Leonardo Del Vecchio’s story.


leonardo del vecchio

Del Vecchio was born to a poor family in Milan in 1935. He was the youngest child. Four brothers came before him.

His father passed away not long after he was born.

Leonardo was sent to a Catholic orphanage when he was seven years old because his family was so poor.

At age 14, he started making cups and medals in a steel factory to help support his family.

So, he was able to save some money, and the factory owner pushed him to take a design course at night when he was 19.

After three years, he moved to a different city to work in a factory that engraved metal.

At that time, he became very interested in glasses.

In 1958, when he was 25 years old, he opened an eyeglass frame shop in Agordo, which was the center of the Italian eyewear industry.

Customers liked his goods because they were well made.

Leonardo made the company Luxottica in 1961. “Luxottica” came from the words “luce,” which means “light,” and “Attica,” which means “optics.” He already had 14 workers, and he was an expert at making small metal parts for glasses.

Even though business was good, Del Vecchio didn’t have enough. In 1967, he stopped making parts for glasses and began putting them together from scratch. He sold them to other companies, which is how he got started doing work for other companies.

He was so successful that four years later, on top of making glasses for other people, he decided to sell glasses under the brand name Luxottica.

He went to a trade show in Milan because he was now a B2C company. He got so many orders that he stopped making things for other companies and only made things for Luxottica.

Del Vecchio wasn’t happy, even though Luxottica was doing well. As a manufacturer, he wasn’t able to get as close to his customers as he would have liked.

So, he took care of the problem.

leonardo del vecchio

In 1974, Del Vecchio bought the retail chain Carrone to add to Luxottica’s ability to do business at all levels of the supply chain.

For the first time, Luxottica could handle the whole process of making, selling, and distributing glasses.

It wasn’t enough, though.

In 1981, he took a risk and left Italy to set up a branch in Germany.

From then on, Leonardo would never stop making Luxottica bigger.

Leonardo Del Vecchio: Biography

Almost everyone has said nice things about him and sent condolences to his family to help them deal with the loss of an important family member. Seeing a close friend or family member left is the worst thing that can happen.

Through social media sites, many people are standing with them and giving them help. We haven’t heard anything about the funeral yet, so we’ll let you know when we do (RIP Leonardo Del Vecchio).

Leonardo Del Vecchio, an Italian entrepreneur who grew up in an orphanage and went on to amass a multibillion-dollar fortune as founder and chairman of Luxottica, one of the largest manufacturers of eyeglasses in the world, died June 27 at a hospital in Milan. He was 87.

Leonardo Del Vecchio Cause Of Death

Sources and exclusive news stories say that the cause of his death is still unknown. His family hasn’t said anything either. But they said it was true on social media.

The family asks that their privacy be respected and kept. They can’t answer any questions and hope that everyone can understand how sad they are.

Because of this, no one knows what will happen at the funeral. Because of this, it’s still a big deal. Everybody wants to say goodbye to someone they care about.

Net Worth at Last Time

Forbes says that Leonardo Del Vecchio and his family have a net worth of $24.8 billion right now.

The billionaire was born poor in Italy. In 1961, he opened the Luxottica store and started making his eyewear under the name of the store.

When the company signed a licensing deal with Giorgio Armani in 1988, it was a big deal. The deal put the company on the path to success, and it started to make more money and become more important in the fashion industry.

Under the direction of the company’s founder, the company bought other eyewear brands like Persol Eyewear in 1999, Vogue Eyewear in 1990, Ray-Ban Eyewear in 1999, and Sunglasses Hut in 2001.

The company also bought prescription eyewear companies OPSM in 2003, Pearle Vision in 2004, Surfeyes in 2006, Cole National in 2004, and Oakley in a US$2.1 billion deal in November 2007.

Essilor Luxottica is a high-fashion brand of prescription eyewear that was made when Essilor merged with Luxottica. It is now the largest prescription eyewear company in the world.

Aside from his eyewear company, the billionaire also owns a 10% share of Mediobanca, an Italian investment bank. Most of his money comes from all of these investments.