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Kutumb App: Uses | What Is the Kutumb App and How Can I Use It?

Kutumb App

Kutumb App

Kutumb App: If you’re wondering, what is the Kutumb app? Then allow us to explain what it is. It is, in fact, the Indian equivalent of Facebook.

The group is a great location to hang out and is equally efficient. Here you may quickly form groups, display your work, and converse with others.

The administrator is the person who forms the group and has the authority to remove or add members by granting access to the group.

How Can I Register for the Kutumb App?

To register with the app, go to the Playstore and download the Kutumb app.

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Once you’ve completed this, you can go to the profile section to add more information to your profile.

What Is the Kutumb App and How Can I Use It?

The Kutumb app may be used to create groups and organizations.

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Now select the Submit button.

Download the Kutumb App for Android

Follow the steps below to download the Kutumb app for Android from the Google Playstore:

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Kutumb will be valued at $170 million under the proposed funding, an increase of nearly 11 times above its previous valuation.

Pratilipi Personnel; Aspires to Create a Reddit-like Network

Kutumb, which was founded by former Pratilipi personnel, aspires to create a Reddit-like network for Hindi-speaking users.

Kutumb also received INR 3.5 crore in angel funding from Gaurav Munjal, Roman Saini, Dinesh Godara, Ranjeet Pratap Singh, and others.

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