Kurumi Tokisaki will soon get a big and erotic figure – Kudasai

Manufacturer Division KDcolle From Katokawa Announced the release of a 1 / 2.5 scale image based on character Kurumi Tokisaki Of multimedia ownership Live date A date must be specified. The product will be 65 cm tall and will be available for booking in Japan from November 11.

The report writes: “This item was first announced at the “Fantasia Bunko Grand Thanksgiving Festival 2019” and has been popular ever since. The figure is based on Sunako’s original description and measures 65 cm. Her double ponytail hair and slender legs are lovingly recreated. Those curves from the back to the waist are awesome! We especially appreciate the elegant ripples around the shoulder blades and back muscles. Also, the saron is made of cloth, so you can see the bottom through the saron, which is also very cool. Kurumi is usually a cool girl, but the gentle smile that suddenly appears on her face is so cute. Not only is her characteristic eye design, but her breasts are plump from top to bottom.

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