Kudasai is releasing a spectacular collaboration music video with Solo Leveling The Boys

Official YouTube Channel “K-POP Wonderland, 1theK“Released Special Music Video for Theme Song”Threw out”Performed by South Korean Boyband The Boys (보이즈). This video is part of the collaboration with the Weptoon adaptation of the novels Sukong, Equilibrium onlyResponsible Jung-chung-rock.

In addition, during the eventIn conjunction with the 5th NetMorple Press“Netmarble has announced that it will be developing a copyright-based action-flaming video game, but details will be announced shortly.

For its part, Sukong Published original novels by Coco page Between July 2016 and March 2018, a total of fourteen published volumes. The adaptation for Webtoon has been released since March 2018 Coco page From hand Jung Chung-Rock Ended in December 2021. The first season of this Weptoon ended on March 19, 2020, and the second season began on August 1 of the same year.

Summary for Solo Leveling

Since the emergence of one portal, our world has been connected with another full of monsters and creatures of all kinds, some with powers and the ability to hunt them down, earning the name of hunters. The protagonist, Chung Jin-woo, is the weakest of the E-rank hunters and the strongest of the ordinary man. He earned the nickname “weak” by fellow hunters. One day, he and the others are trapped in a very dangerous dungeon, and only a few are able to survive. Chung Jin-woo rarely survives, and the only “player” who completes all the experiments in this dungeon, can now see the interface showing him searches, statistics, inventory, stores and positions. Can he become a more powerful hunter?

Source: Entertainment DAUM

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