Kevin Curbishley: Fans Pay Touching Tribute to Kev Corbishley!

Since Call the Midwife started airing in 2011, viewers have grown to know and love the cast and crew so much that they’re almost like family.

Because of this, it can be sad to lose a member of that family, whether it’s a fan-favorite character on screen or a much-loved crew member behind the camera.

In the eighth and final episode of Call the Midwife’s 11th season, the lives of several characters were in the balance, and the episode also paid a loving tribute to Kevin Corbishley.

Kevin Corbishley

work on the B.B.C. show Calls the Midwife. This year, the person in charge of the cameras died, but no one knows why.
Call the Midwife gave Kev a short scene to thank him for everything he had done. We often forget that there are a lot of people who are just as important but don’t show up on the screen. Fans love to Call the Midwife, so it was clear that Kevin put in a lot of work behind the scenes.

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Kev, I hope you can finally rest. According to information on the web, Kevin joined the team in 2020. He worked hard for two years straight before he died.

Episode 8 Recap and Spoilers

Call the Midwife’s eighth and final episode of season 11 came out on B.B.C. One and iPlayer on Sunday, February 20, 2022.

After the train crash at the end of episode 7, the nurses and other staff at Nonnatus House work together to help the people who were hurt.

kevin corbishley

Everyone must put on a brave face because Dr. Turner and Sister Julienne were on the train when it went off the tracks, and their safety is uncertain.

Sister Julienne was scared when she thought she had a heart attack, but the staff at Nonnatus House are glad to be back together and safe.

Fans Pay Touching Tribute to Kev Corbishley

At the end of the episode, when the Nonnatus House family got back together, the closing credits paid tribute to Kevin Corbishley, who is part of the Call the Midwife family and is also known as “Kev.”

On the tribute’s title card, it just said:

“Remembering Kev Corbishley from 1965 to 2022.

From 2020 until he died earlier this year, Kevin Corbishley worked as a standby rigger in the camera and electrical department on 15 episodes of Call, the Midwife.

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The well-liked crew member also worked as a rigger on the British comedy series Ghosts and in the art department for the 2012 movie Anna Karenina, which starred Kiera Knightley and Jude Law.

Fans Pay Their Respects

Call, the Midwife fans rushed to social media after the episode aired to pay tribute to Kevin, his family, and the Call, the Midwife community as a whole.

“So sad to hear this,” one fan wrote on Twitter. I’m sorry for his family and everyone who worked on the T.V.’s best show.

“Thank you to everyone who works on Call, the Midwife,” said someone else.

I’m sorry for what happened.

This fan said, “Wonderful episode.” Thank you. A beautiful way to thank someone on your crew. I feel bad for him and his family.”

Another fan said on Twitter, “That tribute was so sad, but it was nice that a crew member was remembered in such a nice way. Gone too soon. R.I.P.”

kevin corbishley

“I’m so sorry to hear this,” said this sad fan. All of his family is in our thoughts.”

“Rest in peace for all time, Kevin,” a fan wrote.

Kevin has also remembered on the official Call the Midwife Twitter account: “A dearly loved member of our crew.”

After February 20, 2022, the last episode of Season 11 of Breaths of Air airs, you can watch it on B.B.C. iPlayer.

Cause of Death

No one knows what happened to Kevin Corbishley, who was often called Kev. But people think that the show or someone in his family will soon tell him what happened to him.

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Fans of the show and Kev’s friends are using social media to express how sad they are about his death. They also let the family know they will be there for them during this challenging time.

kevin corbishley

Fans of the show liked Kev and thanked him for being a part of their favorite show, even though they never saw him on screen. Many people on Twitter want Kev.

Frequently Asked Question

Who Was Kevin Corbishley From the Show “Call the Midwife”?

From 2020 until he died earlier this year, Kevin Corbishley worked as a standby rigger in the camera and electrical department on 15 episodes of Call, the Midwife.

Mr. Kevin Corbishley What did?

Call the Midwife is a T.V. show, says Kevin Corbishley.

In 2020, he worked in the camera and electricity departments on Call, The Midwife. He was in more than just one show, though. He also had parts in the movies Anna Karenina and Ghosts. In his field, he worked hard and cared a lot about his job.

Does That Mean Kev Corbishley is Still Alive?

Episode 8 of Series 11 of Call the Midwife is a tribute to him from 1965 to 2021 after he passed away.

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