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Football League Houston Texans protection Jonathan Owens is a gifted athlete. After playing college football at Missouri Western, he is one of the future’s most promising athletes.

In addition, he is courting the well-known American gymnast Simone Biles, with whom he has a lovely relationship. Consequently, he has the potential to become one of the NFL’s finest safeties.

Early Profession

Owens’ mother Arthurine Cannon helped him develop into an NFL player after his birth on July 22, 1995. Owens is a family member and has a sister; he credits his mother for his work ethic. However, safety did not have it easy.

While attending Christian Brothers College High School in the St. Louis suburbs without a Division I scholarship, the player’s career began on a downward trajectory.

Later, he received his education at Missouri Western State University, a Division II institution. When NFL recruiters visited his college, they were shocked by his skills.

Jonathan Owens Net Worth

He had a 43-inch vertical at the NFL combine, which was significantly higher than the majority of other athletes. However, the Arizona Cardinals picked him up at the conclusion of the draft after he went undrafted.

As he spent his time on the sidelines with a knee injury, the club did not benefit from his signing.

Due to his numerous injury issues, the Cardinals decided to terminate his career. He ultimately practiced in a public park, which profoundly humbled and motivated him to improve.

After undergoing knee surgery, he only played one game in 2019 and six games in 2020. He was promoted to the active roster and made his debut in the Houston Texans’ game against the Jacksonville Jaguars after a lengthy period of struggle.

Jonathan Owens’ Wife

Simone Biles has also had a big effect on his success, which is one of the main reasons why he has done so well. The couple started dating in August 2020, when they shared an Instagram photo together.

When Biles announced her withdrawal from the gymnastics competition, she mentioned that Owens was a key factor.

Jonathan Owens Net Worth

The pair lives in Spring, Texas. Most of the time, they hang out together, and Biles keeps pushing him to do well. So, they have a great friendship with each other.

He also has a bulldog named Zeus who has its own Instagram page. Owens proposed to Biles, and they are now married.

Jonathan Owens Net Worth & Endorsements

Net Worth (2023) $7 Million
Profession American football safety
Monthly Income And Salary $40,000 +
Yearly Income And Salary $0.5 Million +
Last Updated 2023

There are allegations that the 26-year-old athlete’s net worth exceeds $50 million. However, his net worth is currently estimated to be $7 million. In 2020, he inked a two-year contract worth $1,390,000 with the Texans.

Jonathan Owens Net Worth

His annual compensation is $695,00 in addition to a base salary of $780,00. There is currently no information regarding endorsement agreements signed by the player.

Jonathan Owens’s Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2023 $7.0 Million
Net Worth in 2022 $5.5 Million
Net Worth in 2021 $5.0 Million
Net Worth in 2020 $4.5 Million
Net Worth in 2019 $4.0 Million
Net Worth in 2018 $3.5 Million

Jonathan Owens Assets

Home: Jonathan Owens, an American football player, resides in Houston and also possesses several real estate properties. Owens is rich and has homes in Missouri, Arizona, Houston, and several other places. Owens has a passion for both exploring new places and owning his own plot of land.

Jonathan Owens Net Worth

Cars: Owens has a large number of cars in his collection. Even though some of his cars don’t have names. Jonathan Owens owns a Land Rover, a Mercedes, and a Toyota, all of which are very nice cars. Besides that, he has a Ford in his collection as well.


Jonathan Owens is a popular and well-known person in the United States. Jonathan is a football player who plays the position of safety. As a defender, he has done very well in high school and college.

He is eager to do well in his job, and he has plenty of time to do so. Owens is someone who works hard and never gives up on his goals. Owens is doing very well right now with the Houston Texans, where he plays football. His fame is also rising day by day.

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