Are Ready to Love’s Joi and Clifton Still Together?

The intriguing dating reality show “Ready to Love” follows successful black 30s and 40s-year-olds. It’s intriguing to see these people negotiate their social life and formal courtship as most are seeking genuine connections. The show is unscripted, which adds to the thrill.

Season 5’s introduction of Clifton Pettie and Joi Carter’s instant chemistry after meeting at the series’ first mixer. In the course of the season, viewers saw the two of them work through a variety of issues, strengthening their bond and giving the impression that they were destined to be together.

Fans are wondering if Clifton and Joi are still together now that the cameras have turned away. We’ve come prepared with explanations, so here we are.

Who is Joi Carter?

A cheerful, outgoing singer/graphic designer couldn’t help but feel self-conscious around Clifton Petite, the 44-year-old owner of a project management consulting firm who has been married twice and describes himself as having a “God voice.”

They each met other potential partners throughout the Tommy Miles-hosted process, but in the end, they decided to pursue a relationship with each other.

Clifton said he has had “tunnel vision” for Joi from the start, and Joi added that she has always seen a “best friend” in Clifton.

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Clifton dropped down on one knee and gave Joi the key to his house during the show’s reunion, and the couple later revealed they were so serious about their love that they had inked matching King and Queen tattoos on their hands.

Clifton has returned to his knees, indicating that he and his sweetheart are ready to take their relationship to the next level.

Joi And Clifton Get Engaged

Friend and fellow “Ready To Love” cast member Carmen Felder joined the couple on “Good Day D.C.” Clifton to dish on the couple’s latest life developments.

The debate was interrupted, however, when anchor Wisdom Martin announced that there was “breaking news” to broadcast, with Joi looking on obliviously. After making an emotional remark, Clifton stepped over to a producer and asked for a rose.

On September 18, 2022, we publicly introduced ourselves to one another. The question is, “How do you feel about that?” Clifton enquired.


Clifton Pettie and Joi Carter became instant friends after meeting at “Ready to Love’s” mixer. Clifton dropped to his knees and gave Joi the key to his house during the show’s reunion. The couple later revealed they had inked matching King and Queen tattoos on their hands.

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