It’s the ‘Elon Ring’, and it’s not even like the Souls

With such a high level of output, it is only a matter of time before extraordinary imitations appear.

Elton Ring

Elton Ring It has been on the market for several days, but its proposal is so powerful that it is still on the lips of many players. It has been followed Really positive reviews And Unstoppable sales rate, So his reputation continues to grow over time. Unfortunately, this also attracts female developers, who create using this success Pretty blatant imitations.

This is the case Eilan Ring, A mobile game that uses very similar advertising images to the From software title, as shared by well-known researcher Daniel Ahmed. Below these lines you can check the presence of this dummy, which is not for long To be isolated by society.

But the most interesting thing is that in terms of the game this game does not look like the Elton Ring. Following a book posted by Ahmed, the title created by Guiyun Cloud Network is a Common MMO As you can already imagine, the Elton Ring has made a name for itself in the industry by using its reputation.

This is not the first time we have seen similar situations, as it has even reached a blatant copy of the trailers from a practice. A Theft of the Final Imagination: Shadow Pringers. There are some cases where we can Make fun ofAs happened in a game Like the god of war What Cory Barlock is also surprised. However, this type of copy can ruin the path of a small studio, which is why the creators Will open They tried Theft will be removed from mobile stores.

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