It didn’t work! Fortnite: Battle Royale servers will be shut down in China

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How special is the Chinese market? The video game is enough to win in other parts of the world FortnightDo not be there, you are going to say goodbye, because considering the little interest there was from the players in the Asian country, your hours are counted and the servers will be shut down in a few days.

Fortnight Say goodbye to China

Surprisingly though, Fortnight: Battle Royale There are still a few days to close operations in China. The above, according to a statement Game Rand Epic Games game servers will be shut down on November 15, according to the country’s official site. According to the report, on November 1, online recordings will stop playing and on November 15, the servers will be closed so that no user can enter the game.

While this news may attract attention, it is the truth Fortnight: Battle Royale It never landed in China. Its first incident took place in 2018, when the increase in global success, when the Chinese government banned the game altogether, could not take advantage of the good moment and the excitement that was developing.

In the Chinese version Fortnight There were many winners, not just one

Then Epic Games had to change a lot of things Fortnight: Battle Royale It will be released and played in China, including skins and products that are the main source of monetization, as they are completely different from those launched in other markets and are not of interest to Chinese players. In addition, Fortnight: Battle Royale It faced various restrictions on the purchase of PaVos by the decisions and actions taken by the Chinese government, which greatly reduced its potential for higher revenue and profitability.

Another change to use Fortnight: Battle Royale For it to play in China, it’s basically like Battle Royale because in other parts of the world it only requires one player alive to win, but in the case of China there were many winners because it was enough for them. Must survive more than 20 minutes to win, so the game’s proposal was in line with the Chinese government’s moral idea.

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