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Tom Holland Dating Zendaya: Relationship Timeline | Is Tom Holland and Zendaya Dating?

is tom holland and zendaya dating

is tom holland and zendaya dating


Is Tom Holland and Zendaya Dating: Starring Spider-Man We were all envious of Tom Holland and Zendaya’s celebrity bond.

They are now officially dating!

Last year, photos of Tom Holland, 25, and Zendaya, 25, kissing proved their romance after years of saying they were just friends.

Tom and Zendaya play the legendary Peter Parker and MJ

In Spider-Man, Tom and Zendaya play the legendary Peter Parker and MJ, with a rumored fourth film possibly bringing the couple back behind the camera!

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Marvel fans have long wished for them to get together and start dating, and they’re now officially boyfriend and girlfriend, with many red carpet appearances and public PDAs under their belts.

Fans can see how in love the stars are in footage of the duo from their movie trailer

Which have gone viral due to how cute they are as a couple.

We’re going over their entire friendship and romantic history together.

From genuine best friends to actual boyfriend and girlfriend, and all in between, these people are adorable.

When did they start dating and how long have they been together?

‘You look so wonderful,’ Tom Holland says to Zendaya.

In a recently discovered video from a press day, Tom and Zendaya were promoting their new Spider-Man film.

Before they realized the cameras were filming, Tom can be heard telling his girlfriend, “You look so gorgeous, dear.”

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“So do you,” Zendaya said, making everything 10 times cuter.

Fans go crazy when they see Zendaya and Tom Holland holding hands on a romantic outing

Isn’t there never enough content featuring Zendaya and Tom Holland?

are tom holland and zendaya dating

During an outing in New York City, when they were seen holding hands, the couple looked more in love than ever.

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We can’t decide which is cuter: their charming PDA or the fact that they were dressed in matching clothing!

A video of Tom Holland and Zendaya dancing together has gone viral

Fans of the A-list pair have compiled their favorite Tom Holland and Zendaya moments into a video montage that has gone viral, proving they are the ultimate relationship goals.

Fans can’t get enough of how much they’re constantly on the same page because of the compilation, which displays every occasion the two have been in sync.

In a sweet Instagram post, Tom Holland congratulates Zendaya on her fashion award triumph.

Tom couldn’t stop gushing about his beau as she received a prestigious award at the CFDA Fashion Awards.

At the sumptuous event on November 10th, the 25-year-old received the Fashion Icon award, and Holand was all praise for his girlfriend.

He expressed his joy on Instagram beside a lovely photo of the actress, writing, “Naaa stop it. For the most incredible individual [sic], this is an incredible feat.

“Congratulations, @zendaya, and @luxurylaw, you both deserve everything.”

This Marvel man understands how to be a helpful companion!

Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya talk about her connection with Tom Holland.

Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet mentioned the actress’ romance with Tom Holland during a conversation with Buzzfeed about their new film Dune, and it was the cutest thing!

When the co-stars were asked to predict who their biggest celebrity crush was, Timothée immediately responded:

“Easy, Tom Holland,” Zendaya said with a giddy smile, which we will take as agreement!

Tom Holland and Zendaya speak out about the continuing dating rumors.
We’ve lost track of the number of times these two have denied dating.

But Zendaya made it crystal clear in an interview with Variety magazine in August 2017.

“We’re close buddies.” He’s a fantastic individual. He is unquestionably one of my closest pals. We’ve had to do press tours together for how many months now?

Only a few people will comprehend what it’s like to be 20 years old.”

The dating rumors have only strengthened their bond, with Zendaya tweeting a report about their rumored romance and exclaiming, “Wait wait.

My favorite part is when it says, “We go on trips together!” In years, I haven’t taken a vacation! @TomHolland1996???” hbu

When did Tom Holland and Zendaya join the cast of Spider-Man?

are tom holland and zendaya dating

In July 2016, Tom and Zendaya were cast in Spider-Man, which is where it all began.

When he tweeted a photo of them resting in a pool with the phrase “Summer Sundays,” we knew they were serious about their connection.

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