Is Kate Moennig Lesbian? Known About Her Dating History!


The American actress is best known for her role on The L Word as Shane McCutcheon. In 2019, she played the same character in The L Word: Generation Q.

Jake Pratt on Young Americans, Lena on Ray Donovan, and Professor Paige Hewson on Grown-ish are some of her other well-known roles.

Also, Moennig and her close friend and co-star on The L Word, Leisha Hailey, host the podcast PANTS.

Kate Moennig Husband And Kids: 

Kate Moennig married to Ana Rezende. The American couple lives together in Los Angeles, but they don’t have any kids yet.

Ana Maria de Rezende Versiani dos Anjos, or Ana Renzende, is a Brazilian film director. She is also a member of the indie-electro band CSS, where she plays guitar and keyboard.

She also directed the first music video that CSS made in Brazil. It was called “Off The Hook,” and it was filmed at the home of Carolina Parra and Adriano Cintra.

Ana is also one half of the DJ duo MeuKu with Luiza Sá, who is also in CSS.

Aside from Twitter, she doesn’t do much on social media, and she and Kate don’t talk about their relationship on social media.

Kate, who is 45, and Ana, who is 39, got married in 2017.

Even though they don’t talk much about their relationship in public, they seem to be very happy with their marriage.

The star of “Young Americans” told RuPaul that she had never planned to get married, but she was glad that they did.

Kate Moennig Sexuality: Is She Lesbian?

Kate Moennig is a lesbian, just like her character on The L Word. She is proud of being gay and doesn’t hide it.

During an interview for RuPaul’s podcast, Kate said that Shane McCutcheon helped her find herself.

She was asked, “Did you always know you were a lesbian?” Her answer was that she had not been raised in a kind place.

She said, “Well, I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school for 13 years, so I wasn’t really in a place to explore that, especially in the 1980s and 1990s.”

“You didn’t back then. “That crap didn’t exist,” the actress said when she thought back on her experience.

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Still, Kate didn’t feel bad about what she did. She is happy with who she is and married to the person she loves most.

Even though she dated men in the past, she felt like a lesbian in the end and decided to be more open about it after filming the show.

Kate went out with actors Holly Miranda and Evan Rachel Wood in the 2010s before she got married to Ana Rezende.

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