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Is Emma Hernan From Selling Sunset Now Dating Micah Mcdonald?

Is Emma Hernan From Selling Sunset Now Dating Micah Mcdonald?

Is Emma Hernan From Selling Sunset Now Dating Micah Mcdonald?

Is Emma Dating Micah: During the fifth season of Netflix’s real estate reality series Selling Sunset, Emma Hernan and Micah, her client, hit it off almost immediately.

Filming is now complete, and Emma has some exciting news to give.

During a conference, Micah asked Emma out on a date.

While They Were About to Talk About a Listing!

She was working on it for him. It wasn’t all business, though, because following their first outing, a romance blossomed between them.

Emma has revealed that she and Micah are still enjoying each other’s company since filming wrapped.

Long distance is a concern, but it isn’t the first time a cast member on the program has had a beau who lives a long way away.

Micah and Emma Hernan

When Emma took on a listing that Micah was generating for work, they hit it off.

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Emma calls Micah “eye candy” in episode 3 and says she “never flirts with clients, but it’s hard not to flirt with Micah.”

Micah Didn’t Take Long to Ask Emma Out on a Date

And their final scene showed them cuddling in a hot tub.

is emma dating micah
is Emma dating Micah?
  • Micah accompanied Emma to his mezcal bar during the concert, and she described him as “beautiful, successful, and confident.”
  • Micah claimed the house he built in Beverly Hills was nothing like the one he grew up in, even though he is one of eight children.

Emma assisted Micah in managing the property at the Oppenheim Group, combining work and pleasure.

Emma From Selling Sunset Confirms Their Relationship

According to ET Online on April 22nd, Emma is still enjoying Micah’s company, and vice versa.

  • She revealed that their relationship is currently unnamed, but that they “certainly have something unique.”
  • She went on to say that she and Micah have yet to fully define their relationship because he shares his time between Texas and Los Angeles, while Emma travels between Boston and Los Angeles.

Emma Stated

I’ve been doing long-distance relationships for so long that I’d like to have a relationship where they’re at least in the same state.

is emma dating micah
is Emma dating Micah?
  1. Obviously, [from where Season 5 finishes], it’s progressed a little bit. We’ve gotten to know each other better.
  2. But it’s close to there. So, we’ll see what happens. There may be a label, a ring, in Season 6. What are the chances?
  3. They are currently taking things slowly, but it appears like they will make a significant improvement in the coming season!
  4. Could they be the reformed Chrishell and Jason now that Emma can see a potential engagement in season 6?
  5. Despite the confirmation, Emma and Micah are not Instagram friends.

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Whether it’s because they don’t care about publicizing their relationship on social media or because they aren’t serious about it, it’s a sign that things aren’t serious.

Micah Adds Emma to the Menu at the Restaurant

If “Emma’s Empanadas” wasn’t cute enough, Micah’s new restaurant Sagrado Mezcaleria + Kitchen now has “Emma’s Empanadas” on the menu.

is emma dating micah
is Emma dating Mica?h
  1. It follows her bringing her homemade pastries to their show’s meet-up.
  2. Customers may purchase the meal, which consists of five little “Beyond Meat” empanadas with shaved cabbage, Arbol tomatillo salsa, radish, and cilantro, for $11 at the Selling Sunset client’s café.
  3. Some viewers assumed his inclusion in season 5 was due to the client’s heavy promotion of his pub on the Netflix series.

The couple, on the other hand, is proving those critics wrong with their on-again, off-again affair!

After Selling Sunset; Emma Hernan and Micah Still Had “Something Special”

Chrishell Stause informed Emma Hernan that Mr. Right may be a current business associate during a Selling Sunset Season 5 talk about her love life.

  • When Emma met Micah, a “super-cute” property developer, while touring a new Beverly Hills property, it seemed appropriate.
  • After their initial meeting, the Oppenheim Group agent joked, “Little did I realize that this developer is quite the eye candy himself.”
  • “I never flirt with my customers.” I’m always serious about my work, but it’s difficult not to flirt with Micah.”

Following Their First Date

He treated them to a private tasting and sneak peek of his new mezcal bar and restaurant.

  1. Emma was all set to defy her rule. “I typically don’t combine business and pleasure,” she explained, “but Micah is a little different.”
  2. “I was like, ‘Oh my goodness,’ after one or two meetings.” He’s not only gorgeous, successful, and self-assured, but we also share a lot of interests.
  3. I mean, he’s just checking-check-checking every box.”
  4. A passionate hot tub date in the Season 5 finale — which Netflix shot between November and December 2021 — hinted at the possibility of a relationship.
  5. After all, they’d made a “bucket list” of destinations they wanted to see as a couple.
  6. Micah, on the other hand, resides in Houston, Texas, so it appeared they were taking things gently.
  7. She added of their relationship status, “We’ve been hanging out, and I’ve been loving it.”

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They might work together on another real estate deal in the future.

Their Romance Has “Progressed a Little Bit”

Since filming concluded, Emma told ET on April 22.

  1. She stated, “I and Micah have something special.” “We’re still having a great time with each other.”
  2. ” They don’t appear to be exclusive thus far, but she teased that the next chapter of Selling Sunset could bring new developments:
  3. “Perhaps there will be a label, a ring, in Season 6.” “Who knows?” you might ask.
  4. Meanwhile, Emma has been linked to another man: her ex-boyfriend Peter Cornell, a fellow Oppenheim employee whom she and Christine Quinn previously dated.
  5. Emma and Peter were photographed enjoying lunch in February, but a source told Us Weekly that they were “not dating” and that they had simply stayed friends since their 2018 breakup.

Furthermore, the source stated that Emma was unmarried and “enjoying” it, even though the star of Selling Sunset had previously stated that Cornell may be looking for a reconciliation.

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