May 13, 2022

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IPhone 14: All that is known about Apple’s next release

Chart of iPhone 14.  (Photo: GQ Spain)
Chart of iPhone 14. (Photo: GQ Spain)

One of the most important features Skills Is the period Battery. If it is not good, the user will not be very satisfied Device Because it should always be next to the plug with the charger. However, it has been revealed The IPhone 14 I will respond best in this section.

While this may seem surprising, it is one of the best reasons to confirm the above Upgrading everything related to the terminal integrated 5G chip battery, From Taiwan, according to the Economic Daily News. This allows for improved battery consumption, which is less.

And this is possible due to application Technology Production Six nanometers. In short, it makes sense It requires less energy to do the same job.

The internal space of the iPhone is affected, but to improve performance

The size of the chip will be reduced for the same reason. Because of that, மஞ்சனா I have more space on the iPhone 14 (This change is also positive due to the fact that it increases the thickness of the phone to cover the large size that the iPhone sensors contain).

Thus, You can use a high charge battery, Has a positive impact on everything related to autonomy. from this, The purpose is to be superior to what is provided Skills It changes the market, Explained by the above media.

IPhone 13, the latest model of Apple smartphones.  (Photo: Andre Kelly)
IPhone 13, the latest model of Apple smartphones. (Photo: Andre Kelly)

Also known as the manufacturer Responsible for creating the new 5G chip DSMC, It was able to work for a long time with a 6nm process. In this way, it seems like a good choice.

If confirmed, Will change Samsung, This is no longer the case as all iPhones are expected to have access to this mobile data until 2022.

Internal layout of iPhone 14.  (Photo: Daily News)
Internal layout of iPhone 14. (Photo: Daily News)

The connection of the iPhone 14 will have important improvements

According to the available data, The new Apple terminal will have WiFi 6E. This is an interesting evolution for previous generations because they could use the 6 GHz frequency, among other things. For greater speed and stability during data transfer.

If confirmed, it seems obvious. It would be an option to attach the iPhone 14 with glasses Developed reality Or Mixed, What Everything indicates that the Cupertino company is getting ready.

Apple glasses.  (Photo:
Apple glasses. (Photo:

All Macs expected by 2022

Mark Kurman, Technology Journalist, projects up to seven new or updated models, Contains 5 new models Mac:

– A Mac Mini with M2.

– Mac Mini with M1 Pro chip.

– a MacBook Pro M2 of the entrance.

– a MacBook Air Redesigned with M2.

– Mac Pro with two or four M1 Macs.

– a iMac 24-inch with M2.

– a iMacPro Large and with M1 Pro and M1 Max.

MacBook Pro 2022. (Photo: laSexta)
MacBook Pro 2022. (Photo: laSexta)

For each of these groups, the technical journalist provides approximate dates or limits for their presentations. In particular, The MacBook Pro and entry-level Mac Mini are expected to be the next innovation. These are the two “old” M1 teams, and a revision request may take place during the March 8 event.

With the recently released M1 Pro and M1 Max, this ensures that the iMac Pro is not far behind. They may go on sale in May or June.

And this WWDC 2022 Perfect event for announcing (unpublished) this model, And the Mac Pro and MacBook Air M2 may be delayed until the end of the year, Enjoying Christmas. This is sure to be a busy year in the Mac world.

MacBook Air M1 vs MacBook Pro M1.  (Photo: Indian Express)
MacBook Air M1 vs MacBook Pro M1. (Photo: Indian Express)

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