Inevitably: The blatant message from Iboy Lanos for young people who want to be streamers

On Wednesday, Many Twitch streamers were subjected to a cyber attack where it was leaked how much they were earning On that platform. With this in mind, Iboi Lanos decided to talk to young people who would take him as a role model And issued a warning to them: “What I’m earning is not real. You have to keep working.”

EBay Lanos is currently one of the most popular streamers Has 8 million followers Almost the same on Twitch and YouTube and after his revenue leaked, on his last live show He tried to instruct his disciples not to carry numbers or to despair if they did not do well.

I’m not going to give the message “If you try, you get it”. A lot of people try hard and sadly they don’t get shit. Obviously, everything takes effort, but nothing guarantees success. “

In his speech, Streamer echoed: “Never let yourself be clouded by the numbers we earn. Why? Since this is not true, they are isolated casesDo not say when you see someone earning: ‘Oh, I must have dedicated myself to being a streamer. ‘Don’t do it. The most important thing is what you want to do in your studies and in your life. “

“No, Ipoh, I do not like to read, this system is bad. ‘ That’s it, you have to go to ESO (elementary school), high school and then decide what to do with your life. This is the most important thing you can ever do, “he said.

He continued his message harshly: “If I wanted to be a streamer on Twitch, what I was going to do was study or work in the morning and start streaming in my spare time.

If Twitch is already your job, and you are already starting to get paid enough to pay rent and diapers for your baby, you may be thinking of doing something. I, in fact, A guy I streamed on Twitch, I don’t know why he went crazy, he starts earning 2,000 rupees on Twitch, I will continue to work. Because I will not leave my studies or job until I am 100% sure I can live in Twitch. “

He openly closed: “I see a lot of the craze to actually be a streamer, you streamed on Twitch, you are considered a millionaire. This is a complete lie. “, He punished.

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