In this comparison video Horizon Forbidden West shows its graphic jump compared to Horizon Zero Dawn

Bit Analyst collects various aspects of the game and how it has progressed graphically depending on its previous installment.

Horizon Forbidden West There has been one The most anticipated titles on the PlayStation chart We already knew we would meet as we were able to see its interesting details in the game’s trailers A big jump By Guerrilla Games. At 3DJuegos, partner Alejandro Pascual did not hesitate to consider it Strong candidate for GOTY 2022 And part of its causes are related to the progress we see in the various characteristics of the open world.

But apart from the dynamics, story and excellent characters of its rich universe, the visual section becomes a model for what the game is capable of. The new generation From PlayStation. There we ask ourselves:How far it has progressed graphically About Horizon Forbidden West Horizon Zero Dawn? The usual answer in video game comparisons is brought to us, Bit Analyst.

In his new comparison video, he collects Some highlights of the game, Details about the environment, plants, water behavior, textures, ice, machinery or alloy. Needless to say the results are amazing, we just have to see The face is close Our protagonist who amazes everyone New details We found out.

Textures, how the elements around us work, the atmosphere we perceive and many other patterns A great example of the progress that gorilla games bring with this title. If you want to know more about Horizon Forbidden West and Aloy, remember about 3DJuegos We were able to chat with the alloy voice Michael Jenner He has told us some of the Spanish version of the video game Funny stories His more than 150 hours of dubbing.

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