December 1, 2021

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“I do not understand how important this is to anyone who suspects me.”

Bobby Kodik responded to recent workplace harassment allegations.

Activision Blizzard They have responded quickly to the last published article New details about allegations that foster hostile work environment, Especially for women, she did so with an open letter from her CEO, Bobby Kodik, who reaffirmed her belief in creating a “healthy and equitable” work environment.

The senior manager stressed, “Significant steps have already been taken to improve our organization and our way of thinking, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Sample workspace For all we want, more changes are needed, “Kotik adds.” But I hope we win. “

Activision CEO reaffirms: "Those who doubt me do not understand how important it is to me"

Here he mentions directly about the article in The Wall Street Journal. “I would like to say two important things. First, we are incredibly fortunate to have the most talented team in the video game industry, and they all pledged sustainable progress. I share that commitment. What I believe in is that it really is You do not understand how important this is to me“.

Any reprehensible behavior is unacceptableBobby Kodik“Creativity and inspiration thrive in a healthy and respectful work environment. Nothing can change that. […] As I made clear, we are moving the new forward Zero tolerance principle Towards inappropriate behaviors. And zero if zero. Any reprehensible behavior is unacceptable. Kodik stressed that in recent times the video game industry has created headlines for features that should not be practiced. [el acoso laboral], “Everyone, including myself, must accept this need for change in order to deliver the best in the best work environment”.

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The CEO’s statement thanked all the staff for their commitment Culture of respect“.

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