Huawei Mate Pad SE Tablet Review!

Sprinter in the living room. The Huawei MatePad SE is a low-cost tablet designed for home use. The light weight and metal chassis cannot conceal the fact that consumers must accept the restrictions of all existing Huawei smartphones. Our thorough examination reveals if we can still recommend the tablet.

Huawei is still having difficulty in Europe because the lack of Google services necessitates being creative in order to get all of the major apps to operate, and sometimes it does not work at all. Nonetheless, the devices are still popular since they frequently provide a lot for their price.

The MatePad SE is a 10.4-inch tablet that costs less than 200 Euros. The tablet is similar to the MatePad T10S, but it has a Qualcomm processor. Let’s take a look at how the MatePad SE performs in our tests.

Huawei Mate Pad SE Tablet Review

What About Case ?

Lightweight metal chassis on the Mate Pad

At 440 grammes, the MatePad SE is a light tablet for its size. The design is identical to the MatePad T10S, however the port distribution differs and the colour is solely dark grey.

Furthermore, the tablet is somewhat shorter but wider. The corners around the screen are well-sized so that you can hold the tablet in your palm without accidentally activating touchscreen controls, and the overall style is modern.

The MatePad SE has a medium level of stability: the back and screen may be pressed in reasonably readily, which is also seen in the screen’s liquid crystals.

However, the tablet appears to be sturdy. The back and borders are composed of one piece of metal, and an upper plastic strip is inserted for better handling.

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What About Features?

Not a storage giant, but with microSD

The Huawei tablet is well-equipped for its pricing bracket, with 64 GB of storage and 4 GB of RAM. A larger storage model is not presently available in Europe.

NFC is not available, as is normally the case with large tablets, and the USB connection is only connected internally according to the USB 2.0 standard, thus data transfers are slower.

card reader for microSD cards

The microSD reader is compatible with our reference card Angel bird V60 and provides good write rates in the CPDT benchmark. However, the read rates are characterised by some significant dips. In the copy test, the gadget is on a class level.

Accessories and Warranty

Charger included with the MatePad SE

The tablet comes with a 10-watt charger, a USB cord, and a SIM tool.

On its website, the company sells a similar folio cover for a reasonable 20 Euros. Otherwise, the selection of accessories appears to be pretty limited.

For its tablets, the manufacturer provides a 24-month warranty.

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