How To Enable WhatsApp’s “Spy” Mode

The “spy” method WhatsApp application is a type of configuration Helps to go completely unnoticed by the application. How? For example, read receipts (seen) will no longer appear In both group and private chats, you can see the status of your friends without them knowing and you can see other additional activities that make all your contacts think that you will no longer use your WhatsApp account.

This configuration will no longer receive that duplication Cheque Blue will appear at the bottom of each message when it has already been read or when you hear a voice note, But keep in mind that you may not know if your friends read yours too. If you read messages from group chats or play audios, you need to make it clear that everyone knows you saw them; There is a trick to prevent this from happening. We will explain later.

What else, Disabling “Read Receipt” also affects WhatsApp status: This will allow you to see any level of invisibility, i.e. your vision and your contacts will not be visible to anyone, but you will never know who saw your stories. Basically, zero appears in the number of views.

With this function you will not be noticed in the application
With this function you will not be noticed in the application

When Send a message or voice note Through a group chat ShareYou can find out who viewed or recreated it in the following way: Click on it for a second until your message fades. Touch the three dots located on the top right and finally, press “Info”.

Underneath You will see that “saw” All contacts who saw or heard your message. To avoid this, do the following:

Ready, so no one knows when you read the news in a group chat, because One of the members Make sure they read your message and your name does not appear in the “Viewers” section. Undoubtedly, this is a very useful trick when you want to know what they have written in a group, but you do not want to leave a trace.

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