How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 5 Ending: Do Jesse and Sid Reunite?


‘Ride or Die,’ the fifth episode of Hulu’s sitcom ‘How I Met Your Father,’ chronicles the repercussions of Jesse’s choice to join Meredith on her tour.

As Jesse’s friends plan to attend a play, Sid stays at home because he hasn’t spoken to Jesse since their argument about Meredith. Valentina’s parents are surprised to see their daughter and Sophie, but the two closest friends soon leave them stunned.

Charlie devises a complex scheme to reunite Sid and Jesse, while the musician makes an important decision on his future with Meredith. The exciting episode concludes with two key decisions made by Jesse, on which we will elaborate!

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 5

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 5 Ending!

Jesse welcomes Meredith back into his life with optimism. He believes she cares enough about him to create a song about their separation and return to him. Meredith, on the other hand, changes as a person the moment he takes her back.

First and foremost, she lies to the public that it was she who reintroduced Jesse into her life for the sake of her reputation.

Rather than entering a romance, Jesse enters a series of promotional events that increase the singer’s and her tour’s renown. Meredith even ends up feigning intimacy and affection for promotional events, which confuses Jesse.

Meredith hasn’t bothered about Jesse’s feelings since they reconnected. She never asks if he is okay with the hectic schedules of their interviews and other promotional events.

He doesn’t even have her as a partner. Jesse can only indirectly recognize that he is being used when Ellen points it out, just as Sid has warned him.

He eventually loses patience when Meredith includes footage of his embarrassing proposal in the “Jay Street” music video. Jesse does not want the incident to be shown in the song video because it was really upsetting for him.

As Jesse communicates this to Meredith, she dismisses his sentiments and states that the footage is necessary for increasing the song’s popularity.

Jesse tries to persuade her once more that he is fine with the situation, but Meredith tells him that he must accept the music video. Meredith’s decision to put music video popularity over his feelings convinces Jesse that she does not love him.

As a result, he ends his relationship with her.

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Do Jesse and Sid Reunite?

After fighting, Jesse and Sid reunite. Charlie plots to reunite his employer and Jesse after seeing Sid’s grief. Jesse’s cookies start Charlie’s story.

Walnuts in a cookie give Sid anaphylaxis. Since Charlie stole his EpiPen without explanation, he can’t find it. Sid realizes he needs to see his best friend perform on tour before he dies from the shock while dealing with the allergic response.

He runs to Jesse after paramedics treat him. Jesse, though, learns Sid was always right about Meredith. He apologizes to Sid for fighting with him about Meredith using him since he doesn’t listen to his best buddy.

The closest buddies reconvene soon after Sid’s anaphylactic shock, and Jesse tells him he shouldn’t have rejected his words without investigating. Sid has always been right about Jesse. The musician agrees and they reunite in front of their friends.

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