How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: Why Do Jesse and Sid Fight?


The fourth episode of Hulu’s sitcom ‘How I Met Your Father,’ titled ‘Pathetic Deirdre,’ begins with Ellen preparing to start her new job, while Sophie and Valentina reflect on their lives and future.

Meredith chooses to tell her fandom about her reunion with Jesse, but not in the way her boyfriend expected. Charlie rejoins the dating scene, but an unforeseen turn of events places him in an unpleasant position.

The episode concludes with Sid questioning Jesse about the future of his relationship with Meredith. So, let us express our ideas on the subject!

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 4

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Pathetic Deirdre‘ begins with Ellen starting her new job, leaving Sophie and Valentina to consider their options.

They discover they haven’t made any progress in their life, but Ellen has landed a good job despite just being in New York City for a few months.

To make themselves feel better, they decide to meet Deirdre, a mutual friend who has been living a purportedly miserable existence. The pair learns that Deirdre is reading from her book about overcoming toxins.

Sophie and Valentina are surprised to learn that Deirdre used to meet with them to make them feel better because they were highly underachieving friends.

Courtney, with whom Charlie spent the previous night, believes Charlie is interested in dating her after viewing the gift basket he has provided for her.

Charlie finds it difficult to tell her the truth and pretends to like her, only to discover a delivery of several more gift baskets.

She realizes Charlie sent her the identical thing to commemorate their one-night stand and ends their relationship.

Ellen is locked up in a storage room at her new firm, forcing her to crawl through the building’s vent to attend a critical meeting, shocking her colleagues.

Deirdre yells at Sophie and Valentina for thinking she’s weak, giving her readers the impression that the author hasn’t overcome toxicity and healed herself in order to write a book about it.

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Why Do Jesse and Sid Fight?

Jesse and Sid argue because the former is trying to persuade the latter that Meredith is manipulating him. Sid had spent enough time with Meredith to know that she never loved him fully or completely.

He succeeds in seeing through her pretend of her actual nature, which is further revealed to Sid when Meredith spreads the lie that he took Jesse back.

Sid tries to persuade Jesse of this, but the latter’s love for the musician stands in the way of the truth. Jesse dismisses Sid’s statements, believing they are motivated by the latter’s disdain for his fiancée rather than by the truth.

Jesse, enraged, prepares to leave for Meredith’s tour without saying goodbye to his best friend Sid. He may soon understand that Sid has been telling the truth all along when Meredith portrays herself as a sympathetic person who has reconciled with her ex-boyfriend.

Her fixation with her fame and deceit may finally suffocate Jesse and convince him that Meredith never loved him, proving Sid correct and paving the path for the two best friends to reconnect.

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