How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 3 Recap!

The Reset Button,’ the third episode of Hulu’s sitcom ‘How I Met Your Father,’ chronicles Sophie’s efforts to impress a buyer of one of her paintings. Sophie invites Jesse to join her when the client insists on bringing the painting model to his residence.

Valentina re-enters the dating scene, which irritates Charlie. He chooses to start dating again in order to rekindle his feelings for Valentina, and he pairs up with Sid and Hannah, who are grappling with the complexities of long-distance relationships.

The exciting episode concludes with Sophie and Valentina making critical decisions about their previous relationships, and here’s all you need to know about it!

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

At the beginning of ‘The Reset Button,’ Ellen plans a double date with Valentina in front of Charlie. While Ellen tells Valentina about Rachel’s plans, Valentina finds herself a date for the evening, which irritates Charlie.

He approaches Sid and Hannah to arrange a double date as the couple battles with a lack of airline miles. Sophie meets Naomi, who informs her that a certain wealthy man has purchased her picture of Jesse. Sophie persuades the buyer to follow her when she learns that the buyer has to view the model.

Jesse hesitates at first but then proceeds to Warren and Megan’s residence, believing it will benefit Sophie’s career.

Sid and Hannah meet Charlie’s date Alice and discover she works for an airline. Hannah draws closer to her to collect more frequent flier miles, so she can see Sid even after leaving New York for business.

Charlie dislikes Alice and informs her that he is not ready to date again due to his feelings for Valentina. Warren is revealed to be a men’s rights activist who wishes to have sex with Jesse and his wife Megan.

Sophie and Jesse take the picture from his house and leave, but not before emphasizing that they reject his patriarchal ideas. Valentina goes on a date with Rando, which astounds Sophie.

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Will Charlie and Valentina Get Back Together?

Sophie is astonished when Valentina dates Rando because her best friend loves Charlie. Valentina loves Charlie, but their priorities differ.

Valentina wants him back when their priorities match. She stays away from him till then so they can enjoy their lives without holding each other before. Valentina only enjoys Rando and other men until she and Charlie reconcile.

Valentina must be waiting for Charlie to change his mind about having kids. She dates other men because she thinks Charlie wouldn’t.

How I Met Your Father Season 2

After Valentina leaves, Charlie introduces him to a date. Charlie proves Valentina wrong by dating again, but his unwavering love for her makes it hard for him to go on.

Even if Charlie dates other women, he may discover he cannot imagine a future without Valentina. Valentina may contemplate waiting for one of them to alter their mind if she loses Charlie. If that happens, Valentina’s or Charlie’s future parenting decision will determine their relationship.

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