Hollow Infinite temporarily closes its subdivision due to high player toxicity

343 Industries Gaming Forum has reached death threats beyond limits.

This is the week The halo is infinite. Full game on PC and Xbox consoles in a couple of days, but it takes multiplayer Available for free A few weeks, provides a solid experience for players Many settings In the face of criticism.

However, any multiplayer title, beyond just enjoying the competition in a healthy way, attracts people who take video games very seriously and crosses the lines that should not be crossed in front of our entertainment. So much so, that last weekend, The Subredit By Hollow Infinite High toxicity achieved by users.

Regardless of the different opinions, the reviewers released the news that the weekend was a holiday because it was “impossible to hold a civilized debate”. Some users have even pronounced Death threats, In addition to reviews that have nothing to do with the elements of the game.

The halo is infinite

This is a video game and such a level of hatred is unjustifiedSubsidiary Appraisers“We will temporarily block access to the forum so people can calm down and we will restart it before it starts. After all, this is a video game and such a level of hatred is unjustified,” they commented in a message shared by those responsible. . Same Monday Coming back into operation, So it is important to look at what environment is being inhaled after this time to calm the water.

Full title, with Includes campaign, The next one is for sale December 8 On PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X, you can enjoy the Xbox Game Pass from day one with the subscription. Our Hollow Infinite Review, We make sure it’s a shot of nostalgia we need, but a great shooter.

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