May 29, 2022

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Hollow Infinite is a very comprehensive game but “this is not an open world”, they make it clear from the Xbox

343 Industries wants to expand the existing areas of the campaign, but reiterates that you should not expect too much.

Axel Garcia / 53 reviews

The 3DJuegos team recently interviewed members from behind The halo is infinite On 343 industries. The large areas of scrutiny in this new installment have caused confusion among the community, and some believe it is one Open world. Although this is somewhat correct, the study clarified this issue for us.

We do not consider it an open world343 industries“We don’t think of this as an open world, we use words like‘ comprehensive ’or‘ broad ’,” the study says. “The open world these days is its own kind, and it exists with others Expectations“.

However, 343 Industries reiterated its presence in Hollow Infinite The biggest campaign That study has done so far, and considers it an “enormous experience”, but without leaving what is considered to be the title of this history.

The halo is infinite

“We wanted to make all our decisions based on what it would be like to play in the Hollow title,” the studio continued. “The Link The world and the sense in which it expresses itself is amazing about Hollow, and we try to do what we can. “

In conclusion, 343 Industries we will have a slightly different experience, but clarified without denying what the hollow title stands for. What else, This campaign will be a great starting point for players, Because the study considers this childbirth to be a “spiritual restart”.

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