May 29, 2022

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Higher price for exclusive Xbox designed by Gucci

Exclusive Xbox and Gucci Bundle (Photo: Gucci / Xbox)
Exclusive Xbox and Gucci Bundle (Photo: Gucci / Xbox)

Famous Italian fashion brand, Gucci, He joined Microsoft A. to begin with Xbox Series X Special Edition In his case 20th Anniversary In the video game field.

Console included Two wireless controls As well as a Special box Storing them was revealed this November 12th. In the pictures that Gucci shared on their social networks, the connection of the two brands is noticeable.

While the limited edition pack features red, blue, yellow, brown and a fashion brand design that stands out for its diagonal stripes, the interior retains the iconic Xbox green. Also, the back of the conveyor and the name of the belt are engraved Microsoft Console.

The package includes two wireless controllers (Photo: Gucci / Xbox)
The package includes two wireless controllers (Photo: Gucci / Xbox)

If that’s not enough, buyers of the fancy special edition can enjoy a few months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, In which they can run hundreds of titles, including publications such as Forza Horizon 5.

“At the centennial celebration of Gucci and Xbox, Gucci is coming together to celebrate the respective anniversaries by creating 100-numbered Xbox Series X consoles,” Gucci wrote in his post.

Only 100 units of the luxury package will be produced to enhance its exclusivity. Money is not a limit to whom to express their taste Video game And high fashion should be very vigilant.

There will be cost $ 10,000 per package And will be available from November 17 through the official Gucci website. In some countries, such as Mexico, some units are sold at a physics store located in Polonnaruwa. Japan, the United States, China, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom are the other countries where the body is for sale.

Exclusive Gucci and Xbox Briefcase (Photo: Gucci / Xbox)
Exclusive Gucci and Xbox Briefcase (Photo: Gucci / Xbox)

According to Gucci, the design of the console was achieved by laser and is a hobby of the brand’s original form, which has been recognized since the 1930s. Letters G.G. See designer name Guccio Gucci, The founder of the brand, as well as the phrase “”Good game”.

It should be noted that Gucci has many collaborations in the world of video games. Some of their contributions are: Gucci Ladybug, Gucci Conga Master, Gucci Grove, Gucci Mascara Hunt, Gucci Surf, Gucci Lips, GG Psycodelic and Gucci Bloom, all of which are free games and can be found on their official site:

Second, Xbox, For its celebration 20th Anniversary There will be a special event this November 15th with digital broadcasting for fans around the world to enjoy.

Although Does not reveal new games, The celebration has produced many surprises not yet described by the company.

Only 100 units (Photo: Gucci / Xbox)
Only 100 units (Photo: Gucci / Xbox)

“We hope you will join us in celebrating 20 years of Xbox historyWe will continue to work hard for the next 20 years, ”said Microsoft.

Every month, new titles are released, and this month, the Age of Empires IV has arrived; Minecraft; Forza Horizon 5. Microsoft Flight Simulator: Game of the Year Edition will be released on November 18th; Master Chief returns with the December 8 release of Hollow Infinite.

Asimismo, han ampliado los siguientes juegos: Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs Part 1, Sea of ​​Thieves: A Pirate’s Life, State of Decay 2: Homecoming, Grounded: Hot and Hazy y la Temporada 8 de Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

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