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Although the Xbox 360 was Microsoft’s most successful console, the Series X already surpassed its predecessors in Japan.

2021 was an important year for Xbox, Microsoft celebrated 20th anniversary of his first console And he did it with different ads, collaborations and beauties Submission to video fans Nostalgia. Now The turn has come for JapanMicrosoft released its console in February 2002, a few months later than in the United States.

Dead or Alive 3 is the best-selling game on the Xbox in JapanAccording to a report in the magazine’s latest issue Weekly Famitsu From what VGC Echoed, Xbox has sold a total of 2,345,975 consoles in Japan In these twenty years. Most sales belong Xbox 360His Very successful console In Japan and other parts of the world. The figures reflect the best performance xbox Series x In Japan, where It has already surpassed its predecessor Xbox One.

These are the sales of every Microsoft console in Japan over the last 20 years:

  • Xbox: 472,992 units.
  • Xbox 360: 1,616,128 units.
  • Xbox One: 114,831 units.
  • Xbox Series X | S: 142,024 units.

Dead or Alive 3 - XboxDead or Alive 3 – Xbox

Game field Top selling topic Japan has been on the Xbox since history Dead or alive3 For the original Xbox, with 271,149 copies. This means that almost half of the original Xbox owners in Japan have purchased the Team Ninja fighting title. List of top 5 best-selling games, top four best-selling Popular Xbox 360 JRPGs.

  • Dead or Alive 3 (Xbox): 271,149 units.
  • Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope (Xbox 360): 208,521 units.
  • Tales of Vesperia (Xbox 360): 204,305 units.
  • Blue Dragon (Xbox 360): 203,740 units.
  • Last remnant (Xbox 360): 154,493 units.

They did not stop sharing from the Xbox Its commitment to the Japanese marketWorking with Japanese Publishers Strengthen the list on their consoles. “We work every day to increase our list with publishers in Japan Japanese games on the Xbox. We know this is very important for Xbox fans and consumers alike, “said Bill Spencer during the conference. Tokyo Game Show 2021.

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