Hello Tomorrow Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained!


As it enters the second half of its season, Apple TV+’s ‘Hello Tomorrow’ provides light on the tale behind Jack Billings’ complex scam.

We see the man he used to be before he became the con man who has deceived others into believing they can start a new life on the Moon and have voluntarily handed away their life’s savings to it.

Jack tries to make things right, but too many people uncover the truth behind his falsehoods, putting his and Brightside’s future in jeopardy. Here’s a breakdown of what happened in this episode and what it means for Jack and his sales staff.

Hello Tomorrow Episode 6

Hello Tomorrow Episode 6 Recap

(Billy Crudup as Jack Billings) used to work for a respectable company selling various items a year before the events of the show. He feels he was transforming, if not saving, people’s lives.

Despite his outstanding success, the corporation decides to transfer him from the field to a desk job. For Jack, this marks the end of his career. He is enraged that the choice was made based on a computer forecasting his performance for the coming year.

Jack Billings used to work for a respectable company selling all kinds of items a year before the events of the show. He feels he was transforming people’s lives, if not saving them.

Despite his exceptional performance, the firm decides to remove him from the field and assign him to a desk job. This is the end of Jack’s career. He is enraged that the choice was made based on a computer simulation of his performance over the next year.

In the present day, while revisiting the location where his father used to work, Jack comes up with the concept of making the launches a reality.

He needs money for that, and Shirley mentions the wealthy woman he met at the party. In the meantime, Joey meets Jack’s mother and learns a horrific secret.

Herb, too, learns sad news about his marriage, while (Hank Azaria) as Eddie struggles to comprehend why Shirley refuses to accompany him to the Moon.

Summary of earlier episodes and the finale of Hello Tomorrow

Hello Tomorrow Episode 6

Hello Tomorrow Episode 6 Ending: How did Joey Figure out Jack’s Con?

Jack fooled customers into buying condos on the Moon and his employees into selling them. Becoming a salesman for Jack changes Joey’s life, but he gets so caught up in the job that his visits to his mother are reduced.

Jack’s mother, Barbara, wants to bond with Joey as her grandson, but can’t because Joey knows nothing about her and Jack. In this episode, she reaches out to Joey, expressing her wish to spend quality time with him.

Joey realizes that some things can be real as long as people don’t find out about them, and Barbara asks him to get other people in the home to buy condos. He finds it immoral, but Barbara tells him that this isn’t something that he should be worried about.

For a quick overview of previous 4th episode and 5th episode.

Joey sees Buck Manzell, the star of the TV show ‘Space Sheriff’, on Earth and in a care home, and realizes that Jack has been running a scam. He realizes that everything, including Stan Jenkins, is a con, and he has made all of them a part of it.

He would have discovered another truth, but Babara almost tells him that he is Jack’s son. Joey won’t rat Jack out to the cops, but another problem is waiting for Jack. Myrtle and Lester discover the location of the place where the launch was supposed to take place and discover that the Brightside Corporation is registered under John Billings, Jack’s father.

When Myrtle sees the place, she realizes that the whole thing had been a lie and that she can hold Jack and Brightside responsible for their actions. She can take her case to the law and get justice, maybe even her money back. Brightside will have to pay attention now.

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