Hannah Barron Age: Early Life, Career, Family Awards and Achievements!

Hannah Barron is famous on social media, and she also hunts for a living. She has graduated from Alabama’s Troy University and is now engaged to Ryan Horton. But their relationship didn’t work out, and they had to break up.

Her father was a hunter for a living, and her mother took care of the house. She has been hunting since she was a child, and now she is very active on social media sites like YouTube and Instagram.

You might know a lot about Hannah Barron. But do you know how old she is, how tall she is, and how much money she will have in 2022?

If you don’t know, this article has information about Hannah Barron’s short biography-wiki, career, professional life, personal life, husband, boyfriend, dating, divorce, kids, today’s net worth, age, height, weight, and more facts. So, if you’re all set, let’s get started.

Quick Facts

Celebrated Name: Hannah Barron
Real Name/Full Name: Hannah Barron
Gender: Female
Age: 26 years old
Birth Date: 3 July 1996
Birth Place: Crenshaw County, Alabama, United States
Nationality: American
Height: 1.52 m
Weight: 57 kg
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Unmarried
Husband/Spouse (Name): N/A
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter): No
Dating/Boyfriend (Name): No
Is Hannah Barron Lesbian?: N/A
Profession: Social Media Personality, Hunter
Salary: N/A
Expected Net Worth in 2022: $6 Million
Last Updated: July 2022

Early Life of Hannah

Hannah was born on July 3, 1996, under the sign of Leo. She was also born to the parents of Jeff and Lisa Barron. Hannah was only eight years old when her parents split up.

hannah barron age

Before Hannah got out of the car, her dad told her to look for snakes. He also taught her how to hunt and fish. Hannah killed her first deer when she was 8. Since then, she has killed a 130-inch deer on her own.

Depending on the time of year, Hannah and her father go hunting for deer, wild pigs, or turkey. She wants to kill an alligator one day.

Well, not much is known about her education, but she is currently a graduate student at Troy University.

Professional Career

Hannah Barron went hunting for the first time when she was only eight years old. Her father, Jeff, taught her how to hunt. Her father was a wildlife Adventist, and he taught her how to fish, hunt, and set traps.

She became more well-known when she posted pictures on social media of her hunting, fishing, and going on exciting trips.

People from all over the world began to admire her for how well she could hunt and fish. This made her want to start her own YouTube channel.

Today, more than 255 thousand people are following her “Hannah Barron” YouTube channel. She’s gotten so good at catching catfish that she now calls herself the “catfish girl.”

She has an Instagram account with the name “hannahbarron96,” and 760 thousand of people follow her there. Her unique content is making her more and more popular.

Hannah Barron Family

Hannah Barron was born on July 3, 1996, in the United States. She lives with her family in the same country.

She was born into a Christian family and is a Christian.

We did a lot of research on her parents and siblings, but we didn’t find anything useful. We’ll update this post as soon as we learn more about her family.

Awards & Achievements

Hannah is only 24 years old, so we can say that she just started her career and is doing pretty well. Even though she just started her career, she has already won a lot of awards.

She got the Silver Button from YouTube for having more than 100,000 followers, and Twitch gave her an award for her contributions to the platform.


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She has won several awards from Instagram and other companies whose products she promotes. One of these awards was Creator of the Month.

Measurements of Age, Height, Weight, and Body Size

Hannah Barron is 26 years old now. She was born on July 3, 1996, so she is 26 years old today, July 15, 2022. She is 1.52 meters tall and weighs 57 kilograms.

Hannah Barron Instagram

Hannah Barron is a well-known Instagram star. She became well-known by posting photos with inspiring captions and Reels on her Instagram account.

She is very popular on Instagram, which is the most popular social media platform for sharing photos and videos.

She mostly posts shoots of herself in great clothes and interesting poses. Her great work on Instagram made her famous.

She has more than 1 million followers on Instagram (@hannahbarron96) as of March 2022.

And let’s talk about the average number of likes on her Instagram posts, which can be anywhere between 50,000 and 120,000.

Hannah Barron Net Worth and Salary in 2022

Hannah has expected net worth of $6 million as of July 2022. She also has a successful YouTube channel with more than 300,000 subscribers, and she is also quite popular on Instagram and Twitch.

She also gets paid for endorsements and influencing social media, which adds to her salary. However, the media and the general public don’t know exactly how much she makes per month or year.

hannah barron age

Hannah Barron is a well-known person who has made a name for herself in both hunting and on social media sites like YouTube and Instagram.

Since she had been hunting since she was a child, she decided to make it her job and make a name for herself. It would be an understatement to say that she wants to be known or be one of the best hunters in the world.

She entertains people with the great videos she posts online and helps them understand hunting in particular. She is very popular on Instagram and YouTube, and her fans love her a lot. She regularly makes content for them to keep them entertained.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nationality of Hannah Barron?

Hannah was born in the United States to an American family. She comes from a pretty wealthy family and grew up in Alabama. A social media star was born in the United States and are a Christian. Jeff Barron is her father, and Lissa Barron is her mother.

What Does Hannah Barron Do for a Living?

Hannah Barron works as a professional hunter and is also well-known on social media. She posts videos regularly to her “Hannah Barron Outdoors” YouTube channel, which has more than 300,000 fans. She started hunting when she was young, and it is thought that she killed her first deer when she was only 8 years old.

Who is Hannah Baron Boyfriend?

Hunter Horton, who used to be her boyfriend and is now her fiancé, is in a relationship with Hannah Baron. In 2016, they started going out together, and two years later, in 2018, they got engaged in a beautiful ceremony. Reports say that Hunter got down on one knee, gave her an engagement ring, and asked her to be his life partner.


Hannah was born on July 3, 1996, under the sign of Leo. She was also born to the parents of Jeff and Lisa Barron. Hannah was only eight years old when her parents split up.

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