Gran Turismo 7 enters finals and delivers its release trailer in Spanish

The simulator comes with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

In a few more days, Grand Touring7 Will descend inside PlayStation 4 And PlayStation 5. New installment of driving license, which is granted “Life Simulator Around Cars”This will allow players access to a much wider range of customization options and provide greater content.

As a precursor to the release, they released a new trailer that integrates cinema with images taken directly from the games. “It’s more than a race: it’s a journey”, Says the video that invites players to discover their interest and motivation within the game from the different genres it proposes. From collecting vehicles, to designing them, competing or accessing photo mode, to capture your best moments or scenes.

What is known so far about the Gran Turismo 7?

Next installment of the right created by Polyphonidigital Although a variety of customization options and details related to vehicle dynamics will require a special level of commitment to make full use of the experience, it will come to consoles with the idea of ​​reaching a general audience.

Grand Touring7 It’s going to present More than 400 cars from 60 different manufacturers More models will be added with future updates. In addition, players can access 97 rounds are distributed in more than 30 locations. Not only does it bring classics to new technologies like Trial Mountain, Deep Forest and High Speed ​​Ring, but it also adds new ones later.

The Garage It will be the basis for users to make the changes they want and store their cars in that thousand-seat space. At Nut waterFor their part, players will receive “menu books” that will give them tasks and allow them to collect cars. “It’s a new hub that will inform the player what the next step should be or suggest what actions to take to continue the game. , “Those responsible explained.

An important part is that players record the entire experience: by Scapes and Race Photography Patterns They can create their own quality photos. With scapes Users can “immerse themselves in the complex world of photography” while traveling around the world with their vehicles. During these tours, they will be able to access more than 2,500 different scenes and have a variety of effects to create their own scenes. If you want to capture your favorite moments during matches, you can use the mode there. Racing photo.

What do its creators say?

A few weeks ago I was able to attend a special presentation from Infobae Latin Power, part of which was the director of the study and the creator of the car racing rights, Kasunori YamauchiWho answered some questions about the next topic they are going to start with and marked the brand that will be in this installment.

“Today not many people talk about car culture, the beauty of motorsports or how much fun it is to drive. That’s why we want to share with the new generation of people the fascination with the most amazing gadget created by man in the 20th century,” he said. “Grand Touring7 It has a lot of new features, but simply put, you can call it a simulator of life around cars, a sandbox world where cars naturally integrate their features and simulate reality, ”Yamawuchi said.

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