August 11, 2022

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Major Cast Information for Grace and Frankie and When Season 8 Premiered?

grace and frankie season 8

Season 8 of Grace & Frankie is just around the corner! Comedy fans, break out the popcorn! Grace and Frankie’s seventh season premiered on Netflix earlier this week with the release of the show’s first four episodes. Those unfamiliar with Grace and Frankie may want to know the following: Let’s get to know each other a little bit:

The first season of this Netflix original series tells the story of Grace Hanson, a retired businesswoman, and Frankie Bergstein, a hippy artist by trade. As soon as their divorce lawyers’ spouses reveal their feelings for one another, their worlds are ripped apart.

The two of them decide to live together for the time being, despite having nothing in common.

When the first season was made available for streaming in 2015, it received a mixed reaction. However, unlike most seasons, it gained popularity and favorable reviews with each subsequent release. According to Netflix, Grace and Frankie’s seventh season will last.

But there are rumors of an eighth season in the works. A popular series like this can be challenging to end because there are always new stories to tell.

That brings us to the subject of Grace and Frankie’s ninth season.

Recap of Season 7

Grace and Frankie is a show about two women, as previously stated. Grace, a former cosmetics tycoon, and Frankie, a former hippie turned art teacher, are best friends. Both of them have husbands who are lawyers and work together.

Grace and Frankie’s husbands, Robert and Sol, live in San Diego. Robert and Sol’s wives are shocked when they declare their undying love for one another and ask for a divorce. Consequently, Grace and Frankie live together and eventually become best friends after some time.

As of August 2021, Nick has been released from prison and is under house arrest in the latest four episodes of Season 7. After a few years in jail, Grace expected him to be removed, but this did not happen. The home of Sol and Robert is also broken into and robbed.

Unlike Coyote, who decides to sell his Sacagawea coin in the hopes of using the proceeds to purchase a home.

Grace and Frankie Season 8 Cast

If the show is renewed for a season 8, nearly the entire cast will return. Because the actors have already made public statements expressing their sorrow over the show’s ending. The current cast members of Season 7 are as follows:

  • Jane Fonda
  • Lilly Tomlin
  • Waterston, Sam
  • “Marty Sheen”
  • Raphael, June Diane
  • DeMarcus Cousins
  • The Baron Vaughn
  • Ethan Embry

Despite this, there is always room for new characters to be introduced, and the story expands. The characters from season seven are still on our wish list for season eight.

Frankie Grace and Grace Season 8’s Plot Summary

grace and frankie season 8

Season 8 of the series has been canceled, and there is no further information about it. On the other hand, season 7’s twelve episodes are almost ready to be released on Netflix. Grace and Frankie, two very different women central to the plot, are the story’s focus.

However, the two women were never able to adjust before that point. Grace and Frankie’s lives took a dramatic turn when their husbands divorced them for each other. After a while, however, the two women form a close friendship, showing everyone how to live life to its fullest even in the face of all odds.

Release Date of Grace and Frankie

As for Grace and Frankie fans, there are both good and bad things to say about it. Grace and Frankie Season 8 must have been expected by fans, but according to the latest news, the streaming platform has canceled Season 8.

Jane and Lily, the show’s stars, recently announced that the final four episodes of the show’s seventh season are now available on Netflix after a nineteen-month hiatus. Additionally, the last 12 episodes of Season 7 or the final episodes was released on April 29, 2022.

Grace and Frankie Season 8 Expected Schedule Dates

8×01 Episode 1 April 29, 2023
8×02 Episode 2 April 29, 2023
8×03 Episode 3 April 29, 2023
8×04 Episode 4 April 29, 2023
8×05 Episode 5 January 12, 2024
8×06 Episode 6 January 12, 2024
8×07 Episode 7 January 12, 2024
8×08 Episode 8 January 12, 2024
8×09 Episode 9 January 12, 2024
8×10 Episode 10 January 12, 2024
8×11 Episode 11 January 12, 2024
8×12 Episode 12 January 12, 2024
8×13 Episode 13 January 12, 2024
8×14 Episode 14 January 12, 2024
8×15 Episode 15 January 12, 2024
8×16 Episode 16 January 12, 2024


Frequently Asked Questions

What was the Reason for the Premature End of Grace and Frankie?

Martha Kaufman, the show’s co-creator, explained why Grace and Frankie would be ending before season 8. I’d say it was a confluence of factors. Currently, Netflix does not produce long-running series. And the seventh season is a huge blessing.

Grace and Frankie Have How Many Seasons?

Streaming comedy shows Grace and Frankie, which debuted on May 8, 2015, has become one of the internet’s most popular shows. After just a few episodes, this show became an instant hit and has entered its eighth season, the most recent.

Does Netflix Plan to Bring ‘Grace and Frankie’ Back?

Grace and Frankie’s final curtain call has come and gone. Netflix’s American comedy starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, created by Marta Kauffman and Howard J. Morris, premiered in 2015.


On the show’s official website, the first four episodes of the final season of “Grace and Frankie” were aired earlier this year, with the remaining episodes of season 16 expected to premiere in 2019. With 94 episodes, Netflix’s longest-running original series will end, making it the company’s longest-running original series yet.