July 5, 2022

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Google’s first smartwatch, called the Pixel Watch, is coming in 2022

See pixel Google.  (Photo: GSMArena.com)
See pixel Google. (Photo: GSMArena.com)

The Smartphones For the film From Google They may not be a global success, but they do help set the standard for other manufacturers Android They need to stick with their devices. When the big G grows too Wear OS, Has not yet released the Pixel branded laptop. And it has recently been revealed that this may change next year. The company is developing the “Rohan” smartwatch, which was introduced with the root OS3. Gives the look of a “pixel watch” to a new leaky world.

The report emphasizes Round watch display with bezel-free design And how it provides “a resemblance between hardware and software”. The round button on the right side of the smartwatch is useful when scrolling through large lists and navigating the user interface.

In filtration, The wearable device is called a pixel watch, Suggests that this may be its final trade name. Other versions show the smartwatch with the bracelet in a variety of colors including orange, white and blue.

Google Pixel Watch.  (Photo: Spanish)
Google Pixel Watch. (Photo: Spanish)

John Prosser, technical analyst, reiterated that the pixel watch Launched in 2022, Without the “risk” of cancellation. The smartwatch will have various health-related sensors, including a heart rate scanner.

The leak indicated that the watch would be delivered until One day battery lifeAs well as relatively slow loading speeds.

Codenamed “Nightlight”, Google aims to launch Fitbit integration for Wear OS 3 with the Pixel Watch in 2022.

This is not the new information that Processor revealed in his latest video. The foldable pixel device that Google personally works with is unlikely to be canceled, In contrast to other recent confirmed rumors.

The Pixel Watch output is good for the Wear OS operating system Especially after many years of being dropped by Google, give it another boost it needs. Perhaps after some half-hearted efforts, the Wear OS operating system can finally find a suitable competitor for the Apple Watch.

Google is implementing new features for Android Auto

Google does not want to wait for version changes to load new features into its system. In a corner with Christmas The company has introduced a series of new functions for Android, most notably the integration of the digital key on the phone to unlock the car.

This is a big step, but only for devices with UWB support. In addition, there are new features for Android Auto, interface upgrades and more.

Description - Apple Carplay and Android Auto copy some application icons to the car screen and make it easier to use while driving.  Photo: Zacharie Scheurer / dpa
Description – Apple Carplay and Android Auto copy some application icons to the car screen and make it easier to use while driving. Photo: Zacharie Scheurer / dpa

You can use your mobile as a key

As of today, this feature is integrated at the computer level and is available Google Pixel6 Google does not describe how it works, with predictable scalability for the remaining devices fitted and launched by UWB (Ultra White Band), But also recommends not opening Processor You can open the car just like contactless payments.

This news did not come alone, and Google has also updated the functionality of Android Auto. Now, It may start automatically when you connect your phone Car.

Likewise, Google Assistant’s intelligent answers will arrive, allowing you to respond to messages while driving without distraction with buttons and pre-defined answers.

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