Google Photos: Discover the trick to easily find the old image

Google Photos Icon.  Photo: Broadcast.
Google Photos Icon. Photo: Broadcast.

Google It is one of the most widely used sites internationally. And in the range of products it offers, one of the favorites Google Photos, It’s a solution for storing lost or stored photos in your memory. The problem is, the more photos you save, the harder it is to find a specific photo. How to solve it?

Google users have a new feature that solves that problem.

What is the function of Google Photos?

The button is called “More like this” in English – “Like this” – And will display images similar to the ones you already see.

That is, if you want to find a photo of your dog many years ago, you can select the image that your dog and search engine will appear from that year. Collect pictures that you think your pet will appear. Easy for souvenirs.

This functionality uses Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) machines, which allow you to scan similar photos and provide you with time – saving solutions. This is according to an article published by Android Police.

Many more like this in Google Photos.  Photo: Android Police.
Many more like this in Google Photos. Photo: Android Police.

“Google Photos now adds a very interesting feature: a new button ‘Many like this’ showing the details of a photo and doing exactly what you expect, Pointed out the Android Police Portal.

“Google Photos is nothing new to this type of AI discovery tool. Going to the search area of ​​the app allows you to search for images by using filters such as age, location, or by content. You can order pictures of parks, schools, cars, food, animals, anything you can think of. You’re just adding another angle to your photo search: instead of looking for a specific one, you can use another image as a reference. “Added the article.

When did you come

Memories Google Photoshop has launched its web version this October, showing a select selection of slideshows taken from the user’s old and recent images.

What else, Users can choose to hide photos of specific people or periodically so that they do not appear Sincerely.

How can Google Assistant respond to unknown calls?

Anyone who calls you will be answered by Google Assistant, who will show you a log and transcript. What are your default answers? Read the following:

– Is it urgent ?: “Emergency call?”

Mark as spam: “Remove this number from your email and contact list. Thanks”

-Call you later: “He can’t contact you now, but he will call you later. Thank you.”

-It does not understand: “I do not understand you. Can you repeat what you said?”

Other teams in that line-up are also expected to attend Android. To enable it, go to Settings> Help> Call Filter> Voice and enable the preferred language.

Steps to close Gmail remotely

There is a simple trick to avoid these problems, find out below. Note:

-On your trusted computer or laptop, access the app Gmail.

-Discover yourself in the inbox and scroll down with the mouse until you reach the limit of emails.

– You will see a small link on the bottom right details, Below the activity information of the last account.

-You need to click on this link and a new window will open with all recently opened sessions.

-If you know that your Gmail session is currently open on the external computer you are using, You will enable an option that says Exit from all other web sessions.

-Press that option, you are done, Your Gmail account will be closed on any other device. Then the only thing you need to do is open it on the computer you are going to use, without fear that someone else will handle it.

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