Getpaymobile App | Coinless Laundry Solution with CSCPay Phone App : How to Download?


Getpaymobile: The CSCpay mobile app is a one-stop laundry solution that is right at your fingertips.

It allows consumers to pay for each cycle of washing they use. Bluetooth is utilised to communicate with the dryer or washer in this case.

Users can purchase credits immediately using CSCPay Mobile and then use those credits to use the washing services afterwards.

Scanning the QR code on the machine in the laundry room, adding value to your account, and starting the procedure are all required to use the app. You’ll also get an email or an app notification when the laundry cycle is ended.

Download link

2.5.1 is the most recent version.

On the 26th of August, 2020, this page was last updated.

Approximate file size: 12 MB

Csc Serviceworks Provides This Service

  • Supported Android versions: 4.3 and above
  • 4 out of 5
  • Availability: No cost
  • For iOS users, a download link and general requirements/information are provided.

Download link

  • 2.6.0 is the current version.
  • Application size: 77.2 MB Offered by: CSC ServiceWorks Last Updated on:
  • iOS 9.0 and higher are supported.
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  • 4 out of 5
  • Availability: No cost

Refund for the Cscpay App

Users can visit the CSC service works to seek a CSCpay mobile refund.

NOTE: It is recommended that you just submit one refund request. It is not permitted to submit multiple requests.


Follow the steps outlined below to seek a refund. (Depending on your Android or iOS version, the steps may vary slightly.)

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To begin, log in to your CSCpay account

Go to My Account after tapping on your email address on the Home page.

Now select Request Return and enter the amount of your refund. The sum must only be stated in US dollars.

Now you may choose how you want to get your refund. You can accept the funds as credit to your CSCpay mobile account or as a refund to the credit card you previously linked to the account.

Then, select a legitimate cause for your refund request and enter the Machine Number linked with it.

Now press the Send button. Your request is now being processed. You will be notified through email once it has been finished.

Cscpay Offers a Free Trial Period

For new customers, the CSC pay mobile app offers a free trial.

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As a result, before using the app extensively and purchasing credits, users can take advantage of the program’s free trial and then decide whether or not to continue with it.

Customer Assistance on the Go With Cscpay

The CSC pay mobile app features an outstanding customer service team that guarantees that users receive the best possible assistance and support throughout their app experience.


Users must go to the Contact us area on the application’s homepage in order to contact the support team. They can also contact the CSCpay mobile customer care by clicking on the contact-us link.

For more information please visit us: Overtells

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