Get Get Even for free on Steam and always keep it with this limited time offer

Bandai Namco prepares an interesting gift with action, puzzles, theft and exciting stories.

We prepared you yesterday A weekend full of games You do not have to spend a single euro on this. 5 free games this weekend Including horror and sniper. But it seems Bandai Namco Not wanting to miss out on his gift, he surprised us Free steam keys For your interest Get to the event.

You must go to access this ad Bandai Namco Official WebsiteRegister and fill out a form Get a digital code after the event. Do not be misled, because This offer expires on March 21stThis will be Monday and For the first 100,000 participants only. Once you receive the code, you can always access the game.

Receive even our emotions through doubts and guilt, and explore trust A science fiction Reminiscent of stories found in the popular TV series Black Mirror. We will follow Goal Block On a journey, it will take you to the depths of your memories and search Reconstructing a crime scene It hides more than it appears.

A Abandoned mental hospital The first-person action-puzzle adventure will be the protagonist, and it will shine even more Story experience As for its game. An adventure Action, puzzle and theft We talked Our Get Even analysis. In addition to these free games if you have subscriptions like PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold, Stadia Pro or Prime Gaming, March has come up with plans for all tastes. Action, strategy and best indie games are available for download.

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