May 12, 2022

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‘GDA5’ adapts to a stunning mode with “realistic” graphics and ray tracing

One of the many benefits that PC games offer in their console versions is the ability to install Mots Improves visual and playable experience. This is one of the many topics that rely on mods to maintain their popularity GTA5. Your large community has repeatedly joined forces to revive wonderful ideas. What we introduce to you today will captivate your mind.

First you need to clarify something important. GTA5Since its release on the system in mid-2015, it has received a large number of mods. Roll-flaming mechanics are very popular with recruiters, they offer New layout and modeling packages Take a visual leap. However, over the years, graphical systems have advanced at the same rate as hardware overhauls.

The above is allowed GTA5 Adopt such technologies Ray tracing (Ray Tracing), which allows you to generate reflections in real time. It provides precision Quantum 3.0, A realistic graphics mode that completely transforms Look From GTA5. In fact, it looks like we are watching a new generation game in the video below. This is a project that is unlikely to come from Rockstar Games.

Now, to show such an interesting graphic section GTA5 Installing QuantV 3.0 is not enough. Digital dreams, The YouTube channel responsible for the video, shared his computer profile to give you an idea of ​​the required components. AMD Raison 9 3900X processor, 32GB RAM memory, GPU Nvidia RTX 3090 (signed by Asus) and 2TB SSD. Yes, it is a High level computer It does not reach any pocket.

GTA5 He not only showed visual novelty

This week, after endless rumors and leaks, Rockstar Games Officialized GDA trilogy – limited edition. This is a package with restorators GTA3, GTA sub city And GTA San Andreas. According to the study, they have included several visual and game improvements on three topics, however, so far we have not seen any improvement.

This trilogy will be released this year on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | Available on S, PC and Nintendo Switch. IOS and Android will get it in the first half of 2022. GTA5? We will find out soon.