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Microsoft does not want to leave gamers with older computers.

The Age of Empires is a myth. Not only because of the popularity it enjoyed within its own genre, but also because it was well-established An essential right In the video game field. An event that brings together all types of followers, even users with the latest generation of computers and gamers with highly limited settings. They invest their hours In the age of empires. With his fourth installment Already finished, Microsoft wants to raise the bar even higher, but the owner recognizes that it has a very different audience, therefore, provided Minimum requirements method.

An idea was raised On the Xbox blog The characteristics of this proposal are mentioned. Definitely, Age of Empires4 Containing method of use Different configuration combinations, Is suitable for all types of systems no matter how old it is. So the game detects the components of the system and loads a configuration, thus executing the system title correctly. It does not produce amazing graphics, as you can imagine, but it is sharp enough The player enjoys the experience.

Age of Empires IV

Some areas of the Age of Empires franchise are very active and have systems with low requirements.MicrosoftPrecisely this pattern of minimum requirements arises from a requirement invented by Microsoft. In this sense, the company saw an increase in the Age of Empires 1 and 2 between large groups of users, despite having multiple players Need older PCs: “Some areas are very active in the Age of Empires franchise and have low demand systems for a variety of reasons.”

Therefore, these users will not miss the opportunity to play the new Age of Empires 4, because, despite the limited graphics, they will be able to enjoy the experience. However, this time Blocks access to certain aspects of the topicLike battles between 8 soldiers. Which is replaced 4 User Wars Allow access to the Age of Empires 4 experience.

After all, from Microsoft They don’t want to leave anyone, The development of Empire Age 4 though everything “The challengeDespite all that, the company was able to release a title The educational essence of entitlement And, at the same time, gifts A new challenge For the most determined players in the series. Among us is a combination of factors that you can read Age of Empires 4 Review, By fellow Alberto Pastor.

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